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2016Productivity enhancement by stimulation of natural fractures around a hydraulic fracture using micro-sized proppant placementKeshavarz, A.; Badalyan, A.; Johnson, R.; Bedrikovetsky, P.
2019Fines migration in geothermal reservoirs: laboratory and mathematical modellingYou, Z.; Badalyan, A.; Yang, Y.; Bedrikovetsky, P.; Hand, M.
2018Colloidal-suspension flows with delayed fines detachment: analytical model & laboratory studyRussell, T.; Bedrikovetsky, P.
2018Imaging analysis of fines migration during water flow with salinity alterationYu, M.; Hussain, F.; Arns, J.; Bedrikovetsky, P.; Genolet, L.; Behr, A.; Kowollik, P.; Arns, C.
2014Laboratory-based mathematical modelling of graded proppant injection in CBM reservoirsKeshavarz, A.; Yang, Y.; Badalyan, A.; Johnson, R.; Bedrikovetsky, P.
2014Slow migration of mobilised fines during flow in reservoir rocks: laboratory studyOliveira, M.; Vaz, A.; Siqueira, F.; Yang, Y.; You, Z.; Bedrikovetsky, P.
2014Asymptotic model for deep bed filtrationYou, Z.; Osipov, Y.; Bedrikovetsky, P.; Kuzmina, L.
2016Splitting in systems of PDEs for two-phase multicomponent flow in porous mediaBorazjani, S.; Roberts, A.; Bedrikovetsky, P.
2015Rate enhancement in unconventional gas reservoirs by wettability alterationNaik, S.; You, Z.; Bedrikovetsky, P.
2017Effects of kaolinite in rocks on fines migrationRussell, T.; Pham, D.; Neishaboor, M.; Badalyan, A.; Behr, A.; Genolet, L.; Kowollik, P.; Zeinijahromi, A.; Bedrikovetsky, P.