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2010Applying petroleum inclusions micro-thermometry in reconstructing the oil types in Asmari-Jahrum formation IranShariatinia, Z.; Levresse, G.; Parnell, J.; Haghighi, M.; Feiznia, S.; Moallemi, S.; Dehghani Mousavi, S.; Asian Current Research on Fluid Inclusions Conference (3rd : 2010 : Novosibirsk, Russia)
2006Simulation Study of Miscible and Immiscible Gas Injection in Oil Layer of South Pars ReservoirHaghighi, M.; Ziabakhsh, Z.; National Iranian Chemical Engineering Congress (11th : 2006 : Tehran, Iran)
2008Investigation of Cementation Factor in Iranian Carbonate ReservoirsAsadollahi, M.; Bagheri, A.; Haghighi, M.; Namani, M.; Formation Evaluation Symposium of Japan (14th : 2008 : Chiba, Japan)
2011The effects of production rate and initial pressure difference (pi - pdew) in well test analysis of gas condensate reservoirsMontazeri, G.; Ziabakhsh, Z.; Tabatabaie, S.; Pourafshary, P.; Haghighi, M.
2012Prediction of key points of water-oil relative permeability curves using the linear regression techniqueRoghanian, R.; Rasaei, M.; Haghighi, M.
2010Comparative study of biosurfactant producing bacteria in MEOR applicationsAmani, H.; Sarrafzadeh, M.; Haghighi, M.; Mehrnia, M.
2011Thermal gas recovery from coal seam gas reservoirs using underground coal gasificationSalmachi, A.; Haghighi, M.; Bedrikovetski, P.; Xu, C.; European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers Conference and Exhibition (73rd : 2011 : Vienna, Austria)
2012Combined energy recovery from coal seam gas reservoirs and geothermal resources (simulation study)Salmachi, A.; Haghighi, M.; Dixon, D.; Hart, P.; Jachmann, A.; International Petroleum Technology Conference (2012 : Bangkok, Thailand)
2015DFN model for flow simulation in hydraulically fractured wells with pre-existing natural fractures using unstructured quadrilateral gridsWang, K.; Peng, X.; Du, Z.; Haghighi, M.; Sayyafzadeh, M.; Asia Pacific Unconventional Resources Conference and Exhibition (15URCE) (9 Nov 2015 - 11 Nov 2015 : Brisbane, QLD)
2015Best practice and lessons learned for the development and calibration of integrated production models for the Cooper Basin, AustraliaMantopoulos, A.; Marques, D.A.; Hunt, S.P.; NG, S.; Fei, Y.; Haghighi, M.; Asia Pacific Oil & Gas Conference and Exhibition (APOGCE) (20 Oct 2015 - 22 Oct 2015 : Bali, Indonesia)