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2009Present-day stress and neotectonics of Brunei: Implications for petroleum exploration and productionTingay, M.; Hillis, R.; Morley, C.; King, R.; Swarbrick, R.; Damit, A.
2011Fluid transport properties and estimation of overpressure at the Lusi mud volcano, East Java Basin (Tanikawa et al., 2010)Davies, R.; Manga, M.; Tingay, M.; Swarbrick, R.
2008Modelling pore pressure/stress couplingMuller, B.; Altmann, J.; Muller, T.; Tingay, M.; Southern Hemisphere International Rock Mechanics Symposium (1st : 2008 : Perth, Western Australia)
2010Anatomy of the 'Lusi' mud eruption, East JavaTingay, M.; International Geophysical Conference and Exhibition (21st : 2010 : Sydney, Australia)
2010Present-day stress field of Southeast AsiaTingay, M.; Morley, C.; King, R.; Hillis, R.; Coblentz, D.; Hall, R.
2012Analysis of overpressure and its generating mechanisms in the Northern Carnarvon Basin from drilling dataSagala, A.; Tingay, M.
2010Subsurface fracture analysis and determination of in-situ stress direction using FMI logs: An example from the Santonian carbonates (Ilam Formation) in the Abadan Plain, IranRajabi, M.; Sherkati, S.; Bohloli, B.; Tingay, M.
2010Global crustal stress pattern based on the World Stress Map database release 2008Heidbach, O.; Tingay, M.; Barth, A.; Reinecker, J.; Kurfeb, D.; Muller, B.
2015The new release of the Australian stress map: controls on the stress pattern from the plate to field scaleRajabi, M.; Tingay, M.; Heidbach, O.; King, R.C.; Cooke, D.; 2015 AAPG/SEG International Conference & Exhibition (ICE) (13 Sep 2015 - 16 Sep 2015 : Melbourne, Australia)
2015The pattern of in situ stress in onshore basins of New South WalesRajabi, M.; Tingay, M.; Heidbach, O.; King, R.; 2015 AAPG/SEG International Conference & Exhibition (ICE) (13 Sep 2015 - 16 Sep 2015 : Melbourne, Australia)