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2011Taking advantage of injectivity decline for improved recovery during waterflood with horizontal wellsBedrikovetski, P.; Nguyen, T.; Hage, A.; Ciccarelli, J.; Ab Wahab, M.; Chang, G.; de Souza, A.; Furtado, C.
2009Produced water re-injection with seawater treated by sulphate reduction plant: Injectivity decline, analytical modelBedrikovetski, P.; Mackay, E.; Silva, R.; Patricio, F.; Rosário, F.
2009A new splitting scheme and existence of elliptic region for gasflood modelingDutra, T.; Pires, A.; Bedrikovetski, P.
2012A semi-analytical model for two phase immiscible flow in porous media honouring capillary pressureHussain, F.; Cinar, Y.; Bedrikovetski, P.
2014Analytical model for fines migration during water injectionBedrikovetski, P.; Caruso, N.
2006Injectivity Decline Under Multiple Particle Capture MechanismsGuedes, R.; Al-Abduwani, F.; Bedrikovetski, P.; Currie, P.; SPE International Symposium and Exhibition on Formation Damage Control (15 Feb 2006 : Lafayette, Louisiana)
2004A new method for injectivity impairment characterization from well and coreflood datada Silva, M.; Bedrikovetski, P.; van den Broek, W.; Siqueira, A.; Serra, A.; SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition. (2004 : Houston, Texas)
2005Effects of Cold Water Injection on Injectivity ImpairmentBedrikovetski, P.; Paiva, R.; Fonseca, D.
2004Effects of Oil-Water Mobility on Injectivity Impairment due to Suspended ParticlesAltoe F., J.; Bedrikovetski, P.; Gomes, A.; Siqueira, A.; de Souza, A.; SPE Asia Pacific Oil and Gas Conference and Exhibition (2004 : Perth, Australia)
2003A Stochastic Model for Deep Bed Filtration and Well ImpairmentBedrikovetski, P.; Santos, A.; Siqueira, A.; Souza, A.; Shecaira, F.; SPE European Formation Damage Conference (2003 : The Hague, Netherlands)