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2017Uncertainty quantification using a multi-objectivised randomised maximum likelihood methodSayyafzadeh, M.; 79th EAGE Conference and Exhibition 2017 (12 Jun 2017 - 15 Jun 2017 : Paris, France)
2002Simulation of dynamic foam-acid diversion processesCheng, L.; Kam, Seung Ihl; Delshad, M.; Rossen, W. R.
2002Foam generation in homogeneous porous mediaGauglitz, P. A.; Friedmann, F.; Kam, Seung Ihl; Rossen, W. R.
2004The Ladbroke Grove-Katnook carbon dioxide natural laboratory: A recent CO2 accumulation in a lithic sandstone reservoirWatson, Maxwell Noel; Zwingmann, N.; Lemon, Nicholas M.
2006A new geomechanical tool for the evaluation of hydrocarbon trap integrityHunt, S.; Camac, B.; Boult, P.; US Rock Mechanics Symposium (17 Jun 2006 : Golden, Colorado, USA)
2015Nonuniform external filter cake in long injection wellsKalantariasl, A.; Farajzadeh, R.; You, Z.; Bedrikovetsky, P.
2006Meshfree modelling of elastic rock material using a generalized formulationSkatulla, S.; Sansour, C.; Hunt, S.; US Rock Mechanics Symposium (17 Jun 2006 : Golden, Colorado, USA)
2017Anatomy of a shoreline regression: implications for the high-resolution stratigraphic architecture of deltasAinsworth, R.; Vakarelov, B.; Maceachern, J.; Rarity, F.; Lane, T.; Nanson, R.
2016Fracture plugging optimization for drill-in fluid loss control and formation damage prevention in fractured tight reservoirXu, C.; Kang, Y.; Chen, F.; You, Z.
2015Numerical modeling of fine particle fractal aggregates in turbulent flowCao, F.; Wan, Z.; Wang, M.; You, Z.; Ren, Z.