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2016Simulation of hydraulic fracturing with propane-based fluid using a fracture propagation model coupled with multiphase flow simulation in the Cooper Basin, South AustraliaFei, Y.; Gonzalez, M.; Nguyen, M.; Lei, Z.; Pokalai, K.; Sarkar, S.; Haghighi, M.
2014Distribution, paleoenvironmental implications, and stratigraphic architecture of paleosols in lower permian continental deposits of western Kansas, U.S.A.Counts, J.; Hasiotis, S.
2015Architecture and evolution of a regressive, tide-influenced marginal marine succession, Drumheller, Alberta, CanadaAinsworth, R.; Vakarelov, B.; Lee, C.; MacEachern, J.; Montgomery, A.; Ricci, L.; Dashtgard, S.
2016Development of a new approach for hydraulic fracturing in tight sand with pre-existing natural fracturesPokalai, K.; Kulikowski, D.; Johnson, J.R.L.; Haghighi, M.; Cooke, D.
2017Mechanical, electronic and thermodynamic properties of hexagonal and orthorhombic Uâ‚‚Mo: a first-principle calculationChen, K.; Tian, X.; Yu, Y.; You, Z.; Ge, L.; Chen, C.
2011Turbidite system architecture and sedimentary processes along topographically complex slopes: the Makran convergent marginBourget, Julien; Zaragosi, Sebastien; Ellouz-Zimmermann, Nadine; Mouchot, Nicolas; Garlan, Thierry; Schneider, Jean-Luc; Lanfumey, Valentine; Lallemant, Siegfried
2010A balanced 2D structural model of the Hammerhead Delta-Deepwater Fold-Thrust Belt, Bight Basin, AustraliaKing, R.; Backe, G.
2015Modeling of aggregation kinetics by a new moment methodWan, Z.; You, Z.; Chen, J.; Wang, M.
2017Using population of models to investigate and quantify gas production in a spatially heterogeneous coal seam gas fieldPsaltis, S.; Farrell, T.; Burrage, K.; Burrage, P.; McCabe, P.; Moroney, T.; Turner, I.; Mazumder, S.; Bednarz, T.
2000Calcite cementation and timing of hydrocarbon generation and migration, Barrow Sub-Basin, AustraliaKraishan, Ghazi Mahmmod; Lemon, Nicholas M.