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2000Quantitative geologic risk evaluation and expected net present value evaluation in JNOC's projectsNakanishi, Takeshi
2000The use of forward stratigraphic modelling for reservoir characterisationParaschivoiu, Evelina
2003Palaeocurrents and reservoir orientation of middle Miocene channel deposits in Mutiara Field, Kutei Basin, East KalimantanPayenberg, Tobias Hans Diederich; Sidi, F. Hasan; Lang, Simon Christopher
1995The thermal history of the western Eromanga BasinTingate, P. R.; Duddy, Ian R.
1998Reservoirs & SealsGravestock, D. I.; Alexander, E. M.; Morton, J. G. G.; Sun, Xiaowen
2003Modeling of groundwater contamination by phenol released from spilled bitumenTang, Joseph Shek-Hung
2005Conducting comprehensive analyses of potential sites for geological CO2 storageGibson-Poole, Catherine Mary; Root, R. S.; Lang, Simon Christopher; Streit, J. E.; Hennig, A. L.; Otto, C. J.; Undershultz, J.; International Conference on Greenhouse Gas Control Technologies (7th : 2004 : Vancouver, Canada)
2006Geo-engineering Assessment of a Potential Storage Site for Carbon Dioxide – A Case Study, Southeast Queensland AustraliaSayers, Jacques; Marsh, Claire; Scott, A.; Bradshaw, J.; Hennig, A.; Barclay, Stuart; Daniel, Richard Francis
1998Lithostratigraphy & environments of depositionAlexander, E. M.; Gravestock, D. I.; Cubitt, C.; Chaney, A.
1995Atlas: 3D Analogue Modelling of Extensional Fault Systems plus Field ApplicationsLemon, Nicholas M.; Mahmood, T.