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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008I would rather be vaguely right than precisely wrong: A new approach to decision making in the petroleum exploration and production industryBratvold, R.; Begg, S.
2008"Real World" decision-making in the upstream oil and gas industry - prescriptions for improvementMackie, S.; Begg, S.; Smith, C.; Welsh, M.
2008Handling risk and uncertainty in petroleum exploration and asset management: An overviewSmalley, P.; Begg, S.; Naylor, M.; Johnsen, S.; Godi, A.
2007Copulas: A new technique to model dependence in petroleum decision makingAl-Harthy, M.; Begg, S.; Bratvold, R.
2007Modeling the Economic Impact of Cognitive Biases on Oil and Gas DecisionsWelsh, M.; Begg, S.; Bratvold, R.; SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition (11-14 November 2007 : Anaheim, California, U.S.A.)
2009An introduction to upscalingBegg, S.; Tyson, S.
2008Cognitive Errors in Estimation: Does Anchoring Cause Overconfidence?Heywood-Smith, A.; Welsh, M.; Begg, S.; SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition (84th : 2008 : Denver, Colorado, USA)
2005Cognitive biases in the petroleum industry: Impact and remediationWelsh, M.; Bratvold, R.; Begg, S.; SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition (2005: Dallas, Texas, USA)
2008Modeling the economic impact of individual and corporate risk attitudeWelsh, M.; Begg, S.; SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition (2008 : Denver, Colorado)
2008More-or-less elicitation (MOLE): Testing a heuristic elicitation methodWelsh, M.; Lee, M.; Begg, S.; Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Science Society (30th : 2008 : Washington DC)