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2019Fines migration in geothermal reservoirs: laboratory and mathematical modellingYou, Z.; Badalyan, A.; Yang, Y.; Bedrikovetsky, P.; Hand, M.
2019Spatial distribution of micrometre‐scale porosity and permeability across the damage zone of a reverse‐reactivated normal fault in a tight sandstone: insights from the Otway Basin, SE AustraliaDebenham, N.; Farrell, N.J.; Holford, S.P.; King, R.C.; Healy, D.
2019Produced water re-injection and disposal in low permeable reservoirsKalantariasl, A.; Schulze, K.; Storz, J.; Burmester, C.; Kuenckeler, S.; You, Z.; Badalyan, A.; Bedrikovetsky, P.
2018Experimental study on expansion characteristics of core-shell and polymeric microspheresDiwu, P.; Jiang, B.; Hou, J.; You, Z.; Wang, J.; Sun, L.; Ju, Y.; Zhang, Y.; Liu, T.
2018Imaging analysis of fines migration during water flow with salinity alterationYu, M.; Hussain, F.; Arns, J.; Bedrikovetsky, P.; Genolet, L.; Behr, A.; Kowollik, P.; Arns, C.
2018Stochastic modelling of particulate suspension transport for formation damage prediction in fractured tight reservoirXu, C.; You, Z.; Kang, Y.; You, L.
2018Impact of clay type and water composition on low salinity water injection - visualisation approachAmirian, T.; Haghighi, M.
2018Performance of smart water in clay-rich sandstones: experimental and theoretical analysisBazyari, A.; Soulgani, B.; Jamialahmadi, M.; Dehghan Monfared, A.; Zeinijahromi, A.
2018Evaluation of enhanced oil recovery fromclay-rich sandstone formationsBazyari, A.; Jamialahmadi, M.; Soltani Soulgani, B.; Zeinijahromi, A.
2018Experimental and numerical investigation into nano-stabilized foams in low permeability reservoir hydraulic fracturing applicationsFei, Y.; Johnson Jr, R.; Gonzalez, M.; Haghighi, M.; Pokalai, K.
2018More-or-less elicitation (MOLE): reducing bias in range estimation and forecastingWelsh, M.; Begg, S.
2018Colloidal-suspension flows with delayed fines detachment: analytical model & laboratory studyRussell, T.; Bedrikovetsky, P.
2018Prolonged dynamic support from the Icelandic plume of the NE Atlantic marginHardman, J.; Schofield, N.; Jolley, D.; Holford, S.; Hartley, A.; Morse, S.; Underhill, J.; Watson, D.; Zimmer, E.
2018Investigating the relative impact of key reservoir parameters on performance of coalbed methane reservoirs by an efficient statistical approachAkhondzadeh, H.; Keshavarz, A.; Sayyafzadeh, M.; Kalantariasl, A.
2018Composition changes of hydrocarbons during secondary petroleum migrationBorazjani, S.; Kulikowski, D.; Amrouch, K.; Bedrikovetsky, P.
2018Downstream grain-size changes associated with a transition from single channel to anabranchingMorón, S.; Amos, K.
2018Igneous intrusions in the Faroe Shetland basin and their implications for hydrocarbon exploration; new insights from well and seismic dataMark, N.; Schofield, N.; Pugliese, S.; Watson, D.; Holford, S.; Muirhead, D.; Brown, R.; Healy, D.
2018Challenges of future exploration within the UK Rockall BasinSchofield, N.; Jolley, D.; Holford, S.; Archer, S.; Watson, D.; Hartley, A.; Howell, J.; Muirhead, D.; Underhill, J.; Green, P.
2018The influence of a reverse-reactivated normal fault on natural fracture geometries and relative chronologies at Castle Cove, Otway BasinDebenham, N.; King, R.; Holford, S.
2018Effect of low velocity non-Darcy flow on pressure response in shale and tight oil reservoirsDiwu, P.; Liu, T.; You, Z.; Jiang, B.; Zhou, J.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Issue Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 888