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2022Bacterial adaptation strategies to host-derived fatty acidsKengmo Tchoupa, A.; Eijkelkamp, B.A.; Peschel, A.
2022Host-Mediated Copper Stress Is Not Protective against Streptococcus pneumoniae D39 InfectionNeville, S.L.; Cunningham, B.A.; Maunders, E.A.; Tan, A.; Watts, J.A.; Ganio, K.; Eijkelkamp, B.A.; Pederick, V.G.; Gonzalez de Vega, R.; Clases, D.; Doble, P.A.; McDevitt, C.A.; Sanderson-Smith, M.L.
2022Characterising Distinct Migratory Profiles of Infiltrating T-Cell Subsets in Human GlioblastomaKollis, P.M.; Ebert, L.M.; Toubia, J.; Bastow, C.R.; Ormsby, R.J.; Poonnoose, S.I.; Lenin, S.; Tea, M.N.; Pitson, S.M.; Gomez, G.A.; Brown, M.P.; Gargett, T.
2022Outcomes following venetoclax-based treatment in therapy-related myeloid neoplasmsShah, M.V.; Chhetri, R.; Dholakia, R.; Kok, C.H.; Gangat, N.; Alkhateeb, H.B.; Al-Kali, A.; Patnaik, M.M.; Baranwal, A.; Greipp, P.T.; He, R.; Begna, K.H.; Tiong, I.S.; Wei, A.H.; Hiwase, D.
2022Cinnamaldehyde derivatives act as antimicrobial agents against Acinetobacter baumannii through the inhibition of cell divisionChai, W.C.; Whittall, J.J.; Polyak, S.W.; Foo, K.; Li, X.; Dutschke, C.J.; Ogunniyi, A.D.; Ma, S.; Sykes, M.J.; Semple, S.J.; Venter, H.
2022Candida auris susceptibility on surfaces coated with the antifungal drug caspofunginLamont-Friedrich, S.J.; Kidd, S.E.; Giles, C.; Griesser, H.J.; Coad, B.R.
2022Severity of Rotavirus-Vaccine-Associated Intussusception: Prospective Hospital-Based Surveillance, Australia, 2007-2018Sheel, M.; Wood, N.; Macartney, K.; Buttery, J.; Dinsmore, N.; Marshall, H.; Elliott, E.; Kynaston, A.; Richmond, P.; Chateau, D.; McIntyre, P.
2022Pneumococcal Phasevarions Control Multiple Virulence Traits, Including Vaccine Candidate ExpressionPhillips, Z.N.; Trappetti, C.; Van Den Bergh, A.; Martin, G.; Calcutt, A.; Ozberk, V.; Guillon, P.; Pandey, M.; von Itzstein, M.; Swords, W.E.; Paton, J.C.; Jennings, M.P.; Atack, J.M.; LaRock, C.N.
2022Harnessing the chemokine system to home CAR-T cells into solid tumorsFoeng, J.; Comerford, I.; McColl, S.R.
2022Comparison of Reptilian Genomes Reveals Deletions Associated with the Natural Loss of γδ T Cells in SquamatesMorrissey, K.A.; Sampson, J.M.; Rivera, M.; Bu, L.; Hansen, V.L.; Gemmell, N.J.; Gardner, M.G.; Bertozzi, T.; Miller, R.D.
2022Rescuing tetracycline class antibiotics for the treatment of multidrug-resistant Acinetobacter baumannii pulmonary infectionDe Oliveira, D.M.P.; Forde, B.M.; Phan, M.-D.; Steiner, B.; Zhang, B.; Zuegg, J.; El-Deeb, I.M.; Li, G.; Keller, N.; Brouwer, S.; Harbison-Price, N.; Cork, A.J.; Bauer, M.J.; Alquethamy, S.F.; Beatson, S.A.; Roberts, J.A.; Paterson, D.L.; McEwan, A.G.; Blaskovich, M.A.T.; Schembri, M.A.; et al.; Ballard, J.D.
2022The Impact of Chromate on Pseudomonas aeruginosa Molybdenum HomeostasisMaunders, E.A.; Ngu, D.H.Y.; Ganio, K.; Hossain, S.I.; Lim, B.Y.J.; Leeming, M.G.; Luo, Z.; Tan, A.; Deplazes, E.; Kobe, B.; McDevitt, C.A.
2022Protein kinase R is an innate immune sensor of proteotoxic stress via accumulation of cytoplasmic IL-24Davidson, S.; Yu, C.-H.; Steiner, A.; Ebstein, F.; Baker, P.J.; Jarur-Chamy, V.; Hrovat Schaale, K.; Laohamonthonkul, P.; Kong, K.; Calleja, D.J.; Harapas, C.R.; Balka, K.R.; Mitchell, J.; Jackson, J.T.; Geoghegan, N.D.; Moghaddas, F.; Rogers, K.L.; Mayer-Barber, K.D.; De Jesus, A.A.; De Nardo, D.; et al.
2022Neurodegenerative Disease Treatment Drug PBT2 Breaks Intrinsic Polymyxin Resistance in Gram-Positive BacteriaDe Oliveira, D.M.P.; Keller, B.; Hayes, A.J.; Ong, C.-L.Y.; Harbison-Price, N.; El-Deeb, I.M.; Li, G.; Keller, N.; Bohlmann, L.; Brouwer, S.; Turner, A.G.; Cork, A.J.; Jones, T.R.; Paterson, D.L.; McEwan, A.G.; Davies, M.R.; McDevitt, C.A.; Itzstein, M.V.; Walker, M.J.
2022Influenza virus infection history shapes antibody responses to influenza vaccinationAuladell, M.; Phuong, H.V.M.; Mai, L.T.Q.; Tseng, Y.Y.; Carolan, L.; Wilks, S.; Thai, P.Q.; Price, D.; Duong, N.T.; Hang, N.L.K.; Thanh, L.T.; Thuong, N.T.H.; Huong, T.T.K.; Diep, N.T.N.; Bich, V.T.N.; Khvorov, A.; Hensen, L.; Duong, T.N.; Kedzierska, K.; Anh, D.D.; et al.
2022Cell biological analysis reveals an essential role for Pfcerli2 in erythrocyte invasion by malaria parasitesLiffner, B.; Balbin, J.M.; Shami, G.J.; Siddiqui, G.; Strauss, J.; Frölich, S.; Heinemann, G.K.; Edwards, E.M.; Alder, A.; Wichers, J.S.; Creek, D.J.; Tilley, L.; Dixon, M.W.A.; Gilberger, T.-W.; Wilson, D.W.
2021Antibiotic-induced depletion of gut microbiota reduces injury area and duration of radiation-induced oral mucositis in ratsAl-Qadami, G.; Verma, G.; Van Sebille, Y.; Le, H.; Hewson, I.; Bowen, J.; MASCC/ISOO Annual Meeting (24 Jun 2021 - 26 Jun 2021 : virtual online)
2021Vitamin D upregulates the macrophage complement receptor immunoglobulin in innate immunity to microbial pathogensSmall, A.G.; Harvey, S.; Kaur, J.; Putty, T.; Quach, A.; Munawara, U.; Perveen, K.; McPhee, A.; Hii, C.S.; Ferrante, A.
2021The membrane composition defines the spatial organization and function of a major Acinetobacter baumannii drug efflux systemZang, M.; MacDermott-Opeskin, H.; Adams, F.G.; Naidu, V.; Waters, J.K.; Carey, A.B.; Ashenden, A.; McLean, K.T.; Brazel, E.B.; Jiang, J.-H.; Panizza, A.; Trappetti, C.; Paton, J.C.; Peleg, A.Y.; Köper, I.; Paulsen, I.T.; Hassan, K.A.; O'Mara, M.L.; Eijkelkamp, B.A.; Bonomo, R.A.
2021Phylogenomic analyses of nucleotide-sugar biosynthetic and interconverting enzymes illuminate cell wall composition in fungiSchwerdt, J.; Qiu, H.; Shirley, N.; Little, A.; Bulone, V.; Goldman, G.H.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Issue Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 394