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1995Absorption and presentation of antigens by epithelial cells of the small intestine: Hyptheses and predictions relating to the pathogenesis of coeliac diseaseMayrhofer, G.
2017Activity of bacteriophages in removing biofilms of pseudomonas aeruginosa isolates from chronic rhinosinusitis patientsFong, S.; Drilling, A.; Morales, S.; Cornet, M.; Woodworth, B.; Fokkens, W.; Psaltis, A.; Vreugde, S.; Wormald, P.
2009Aire-Deficient C57BL/6 Mice Mimicking the Common Human 13-Base Pair Deletion Mutation Present with Only a Mild Autoimmune PhenotypeHubert, F.; Kinkel, S.; Crewther, P.; Cannon, P.; Webster, K.; Link, M.; Uibo, R.; O'Bryan, M.; Meager, A.; Forehan, S.; Smyth, G.; Mittaz, L.; Antonarakis, S.; Peterson, P.; Heath, W.; Scott, H.
2017Alloiococcus otitidis forms multispecies biofilm with Haemophilus influenzae: effects on antibiotic susceptibility and Growth in Adverse ConditionsChan, C.; Richter, K.; Wormald, P.; Psaltis, A.; Vreugde, S.
2004Analysis of infectivity and in vivo growth characteristics of a cytopathic duck hepatitis mutant, G133EMeier, P.; Scougall, C.; Burrell, C.; Jilbert, A.; International Symposium on Viral Hepatitis and Liver Disease (11th : 2003 : Sydney, N.S.W.)
1999Analysis of Shigella flexneri Wzz (Rol) function by mutagenesis and cross-linking: Wzz is able to oligomerise.Daniels, C.; Morona, R.
1999Analysis of the 5' portion of the type 19A capsule locus identifies two classes of cpsC, cpsD, and cpsE genes in Streptococcus pneumoniaeMorona, J.; Morona, R.; Paton, J.
1998Antibodies to lipopolysaccharide block adherence of shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli to human intestinal epithelial (Henle 407) cells.Paton, A.; Voss, E.; Manning, P.; Paton, J.
2010Antigen-specific activation thresholds of CD8⁺ T cells are independent of IFN-I-mediated partial lymphocyte activationWijesundara, D.; Kumar, S.; Alsharifi, M.; Mullbacher, A.; Regner, M.
1996Antigenic epitope mapping of the M24 protein of Streptococcus pyogenes: implications for serodiagnosis of rheumatic feverNorton, R.; Heuzenroeder, M.; Manning, P.
2011Antimicrobial susceptibilities of commonly encountered bacterial isolates to fosfomycin determined by agar dilution and disk diffusion methodsLu, C.; Liu, C.; Huang, Y.; Liao, C.; Teng, L.; Turnidge, J.; Hsueh, P.
1996Antiviral therapy for chronic hepadnavirus infectionsMason, W.; Devron, A.; Pugh, J.; Kajino, K.; Cullen, J.; Fourel, I.; Jilbert, A.
2011An autocrine TGF-β/ZEB/miR-200 signaling network regulates establishment and maintenance of epithelial-mesenchymal transitionGregory, P.; Bracken, C.; Smith, E.; Bert, A.; Wright, J.; Roslan, S.; Morris, M.; Belle, L.; Farshid, G.; Lim, Y.; Lindeman, G.; Shannon, F.; Drew, P.; Khew-Goodall, Y.; Goodall, G.
1997AZT blocks down-regulation of IL-2 and IFN-γ gene expression in HIV acutely infected cellsFan, J.; Li, P.; Kok, T.; Burrell, C.
1995A beginning to cell surface studies in Vibrio cholerae: a personal perspectiveManning, Paul Alexander
2016Benchmarking in Australia using the International Foundations of Medicine Clinical Science ExaminationRyan, A.; O'Mara, D.; Siddiqui, Z.; Ward, H.; Fraser, J.
2017Benthic cyanobacteria: a source of cylindrospermopsin and microcystin in Australian drinking water reservoirsGaget, V.; Humpage, A.; Huang, Q.; Monis, P.; Brookes, J.
1997Beyond the 20th centuryAndrews, Ross Hector; Australian and New Zealand Societies for parasitology Scientific Meeting (1995 : Adelaide, South Australia)
2019Biogeochemical gold cycling selects metal-resistant bacteria that promote gold particle transformationSanyal, S.; Shuster, J.; Reith, F.
2018A biolistic method for high-throughput production of transgenic wheat plants with single gene insertionsIsmagul, A.; Yang, N.; Maltseva, E.; Iskakova, G.; Mazonka, I.; Skiba, Y.; Bi, H.; Eliby, S.; Jatayev, S.; Shavrukov, Y.; Borisjuk, N.; Langridge, P.