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2013Motor unit activity in upper airway muscles genioglossus and tensor palatiniTrinder, J.; Woods, M.; Nicholas, C.; Chan, J.; Jordan, A.; Semmler, J.
2008Impaired neuromuscular function during isometric, shortening, and lengthening contractions after exercise-induced damage to elbow flexor musclesTurner, T.; Tucker, K.; Rogasch, N.; Semmler, J.
2013Motor cortex plasticity induced by theta burst stimulation is impaired in patients with obstructive sleep apnoeaOpie, G.; Catcheside, P.; Usmani, Z.; Ridding, M.; Semmler, J.
2009Motor cortex plasticity induced by paired associative stimulation is enhanced in physically active individualsCirillo, J.; Lavender, A.; Ridding, M.; Semmler, J.
2010Hemispheric differences in use-dependent corticomotor plasticity in young and old adultsCirillo, J.; Rogasch, N.; Semmler, J.
2011Neural adaptations to strength training: Moving beyond transcranial magnetic stimulation and reflex studiesCarroll, T.; Selvanayagam, V.; Riek, S.; Semmler, J.
2014Motor unit activity after eccentric exercise and muscle damage in humansSemmler, J.
1995Influence of handedness on motor unit discharge properties and physiological tremorSemmler, J.; Nordstrom, M.
1997Relationship between motor unit short-term synchronization and common drive in human first dorsal interosseous muscleSemmler, J.; Nordstrom, M.; Wallace, C.
1999A comparison of cross-correlation and surface EMG techniques used to quantify motor unit synchronization in humansSemmler, J.; Nordstrom, M.