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2002Periconceptional nutrition programs development of the cardiovascular system in the fetal sheepEdwards, Lisa Jane; McMillen, Isabella Caroline
1996The non-neurogenic catecholamine response of the fetal adrenal to hypoxia is dependent on activation of voltage sensitive Ca2+ channelsAdams, Michael Brenton; Simonetta, Giuseppe; McMillen, Isabella Caroline
2001Prenatal undernutrition, glucocorticoids and the programming of adult hypertensionEdwards, Lisa Jane; Coulter, Catherine Louise; Symonds, M. E.; McMillen, Isabella Caroline
1996Thyroxine replacement after hypophysectomy alters the pattern of enkephalin localisation in the adrenal medulla of the fetal sheepSimonetta, Giuseppe; Young, Ian Ross; McMillen, Isabella Caroline
1996Plasma catecholamine and Met-Enkephalin-Arg6-Phe7 responses to hypoxia after adrenalectomy in the fetal sheepSimonetta, Giuseppe; Young, Ian Ross; McMillen, Isabella Caroline
1995Response of prolactin to different photoperiods after surgical disconnection of the hypothalamus and pituitary in the sheep fetusHoughton, Daniel Charles; Young, Ian Ross; McMillen, Isabella Caroline
1995Melatonin and the development of circadian and seasonal rhythmicityMcMillen, Isabella Caroline; Houghton, Daniel Charles; Young, Ian Ross
2002Differential effects of the early and late intrauterine environment on corticotrophic cell developmentButler, Timothy Garth; Schwartz, Jeffrey; McMillen, Isabella Caroline
2001Tyrosine hydroxylase protein content in the medulla oblongata of the foetal sheep brain increases in response to acute but not chronic hypoxiaAdams, Michael Brenton; Brown, R. E.; Gibson, Catherine Sue; Coulter, Catherine Louise; McMillen, Isabella Caroline
2010Epigenetics of programmed obesity: alteration in IUGR rat hepatic IGF1 mRNA expression and histone structure in rapid vs. delayed postnatal catch-up growthTosh, Darran Nicholas; Fu, Qi; Callaway, Christopher W.; McNight, Robert A.; McMillen, Isabella Caroline; Ross, Michael G.; Lane, Robert H.; Desai, Mina