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2010Hemispheric differences in use-dependent corticomotor plasticity in young and old adultsCirillo, J.; Rogasch, N.; Semmler, J.
2012Temporal and spatial adaptation of transient responses to local featuresO'Carroll, D.; Barnett, P.; Nordstrom, K.
2012Measurement of cardiac output during exercise in healthy, trained humans using lithium dilution and pulse contour analysisElliott, A.; Skowno, J.; Prabhu, M.; Ansley, L.
2011Water and urea permeation pathways of the human excitatory amino acid transporter EAAT1Vandenberg, R.; Handford, C.; Campbell, E.; Ryan, R.; Yool, A.
2011Preclinical studies on mesenchymal stem cell-based therapy for growth plate cartilage injury repairChung, R.; Foster, B.; Xian, C.
2011Metabolic responses to high-fat diets rich in n-3 or n-6 long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids in mice selected for either high body weight or leanness explain different health outcomesNurernberg, K.; Breier, B.; Jayasinghe, S.; Bergmann, H.; Thompson, N.; Nuernberg, G.; Dannenberger, D.; Schneider, F.; Renne, U.; Langhammer, M.; Huber, K.
2011Moderate weight loss improves heart rate variability in overweight and obese adults with type 2 diabetesSjoberg, N.; Brinkworth, G.; Wycherley, T.; Noakes, M.; Saint, D.
2010Epigenetics of programmed obesity: alteration in IUGR rat hepatic IGF1 mRNA expression and histone structure in rapid vs. delayed postnatal catch-up growthTosh, Darran Nicholas; Fu, Qi; Callaway, Christopher W.; McNight, Robert A.; McMillen, Isabella Caroline; Ross, Michael G.; Lane, Robert H.; Desai, Mina
2011Neural adaptations to strength training: Moving beyond transcranial magnetic stimulation and reflex studiesCarroll, T.; Selvanayagam, V.; Riek, S.; Semmler, J.
2014Motor unit activity after eccentric exercise and muscle damage in humansSemmler, J.