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2013Mechanisms of TKI-induced diarrhea in cancer patientsBowen, J.
2012Cardiac arrhythmia mechanisms in rats with heart failure induced by pulmonary hypertensionBenoist, D.; Stones, R.; Drinkhill, M.; Benson, A.; Yang, Z.; Cassan, C.; Gilbert, S.; Saint, D.; Cazorla, O.; Steele, D.; Bernus, O.; White, E.
2012Structure, function and translational relevance of aquaporin dual water and ion channelsYool, A.; Campbell, E.
2013Chemotherapy-induced mucosal barrier dysfunction: an updated review on the role of intestinal tight junctionsWardill, H.; Bowen, J.
2011A simplified model of screening questionnaire and home monitoring for obstructive sleep apnoea in primary careChai-Coetzer, C.; Antic, N.; Rowland, L.; Catcheside, P.; Esterman, A.; Reed, R.; Williams, H.; Dunn, S.; McEvoy, R.
2011Transcutaneous measurement of carbon dioxide tension during extended monitoring: Evaluation of accuracy and stability, and an algorithm for correcting calibration driftBerlowitz, D.; Spong, J.; O'Donoghue, F.; Pierce, R.; Brown, D.; Campbell, D.; Catcheside, P.; Gordon, I.; Rochford, P.
2013Mutations of the ca²⁺-sensing stromal interaction molecule stim1 regulate ca²⁺ influx by altered oligomerization of stim1 and by destabilization of the ca²⁺ channel orai1Kilch, T.; Alansary, D.; Peglow, M.; Dorr, K.; Rychkov, G.; Rieger, H.; Peinelt, C.; Niemeyer, B.
2014Contrast sensitivity and the detection of moving patterns and featuresO'Carroll, D.; Wiederman, S.
2013Emu oil expedites small intestinal repair following 5-Fluorouracil-induced mucositis in ratsAbimosleh, S.M.; Tran, C.D.; Howarth, G.S.; Australian Gastroenterology Week 2013 (07 Oct 2013 - 09 Oct 2013 : Melbourne, Vic.)
2014Postprandial effects of a high salt meal on serum sodium, arterial stiffness, markers of nitric oxide production and markers of endothelial functionDickinson, K.; Clifton, P.; Burrell, L.; Barrett, P.; Keogh, J.