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2009Asymmetric activation of motor cortex controlling human anterior digastric muscles during speech and target-directed jaw movementsSowman, P.; Flavel, S.; McShane, C.; Sakuma, S.; Miles, T.; Nordstrom, M.
2012Short-term synchrony in diverse motor nuclei presumed to receive different extents of direct cortical inputKeen, D.; Chou, L.; Nordstrom, M.; Fuglevand, A.
1995Responses of human masseter motor units to stretchMiles, T.; Poliakov, A.; Nordstrom, M.
1995Reduced motor unit activation of muscle spindles and tendon organs in the immobilized cat tibialis posterior muscleNordstrom, M.; Enoka, R.; Callister, R.; Reinking, R.; Stuart, D.
2001Task-dependent control of human masseter muscles from ipsilateral and contralateral motor cortexPearce, S.; Miles, T.; Thompson, P.; Nordstrom, M.
2002A simple and inexpensive system for monitoring jaw movements in ambulatory humansFlavel, S.; Nordstrom, M.; Miles, T.
2001Asymmetry of motor cortex excitability during a simple motor task: relationships with handedness and manual performanceBrouwer, B.; Sale, M.; Nordstrom, M.
2002Reduced intracortical inhibition and facilitation of corticospinal neurons in musiciansNordstrom, M.; Pearce, S.
1995Spike-train acquisition, analysis and real-time experimental control using an icon-based programming language (LabView)Nordstrom, M.; Mapletoft, E.; Miles, T.
1995Limitations of the surface-EMG technique for estimating motor unit synchronizationYue, G.; Fuglevand, A.; Nordstrom, M.; Enoka, R.