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2006Alterations in the maternal peripheral microvascular response in pregnancies complicated by preeclampsia and the impact of fetal sexStark, M.; Dierkx, L.; Clifton, V.; Wright, I.
2001Maternal and placental influences that program the fetus - Experimental findingsRobinson, J.; McMillen, I.; Edwards, L.; Kind, K.; Gatford, K.; Owens, J.
2018Femoral bone perfusion through the nutrient foramen during growth and locomotor development of western grey kangaroos (Macropus fuliginosus)Hu, Q.; Nelson, T.; Snelling, E.; Seymour, R.
2011Early-life experience decreases drug-induced reinstatement of morphine CPP in adulthood via microglial-specific epigenetic programming of anti-inflammatory IL-10 expressionSchwarz, J.; Hutchinson, M.; Bilbo, S.
1996Insulin-like growth factor-I promotes growth selectively in fetal sheep in late gestationLok, F.; Owens, J.; Mundy, L.; Robinson, J.; Owens, P.
2002Insulin-like growth factor levels during pregnancy in the cow are affected by protein supplementation in the maternal dietPerry, V.; Norman, S.; Daniel, R.; Owens, P.; Grant, P.; Doogan, V.
1999Low dietary protein during early pregnancy alters bovine placental developmentPerry, V.; Norman, S.; Owens, J.; Daniel, R.; Phillips, N.
2002Effect of CPAP on intrinsic PEEP, inspiratory effort, and lung volume in severe stable COPDO'Donoghue, F.; Catcheside, P.; Jordan, A.; Bersten, A.; McEvoy, R.
1995Purified omega-3 fatty acids retard the development of proteinuria in salt-loaded hypertensive ratsRayner, T.; Howe, P.
2013Mothers After Gestational Diabetes in Australia Diabetes Prevention Program (MAGDA-DPP) post-natal intervention: study protocol for a randomized controlled trialShih, S.; Davis-Lameloise, N.; Janus, E.; Wildey, C.; Versace, V.; Hagger, V.; Asproloupos, D.; O'Reilly, S.; Phillips, P.; Ackland, M.; Skinner, T.; Oats, J.; Carter, R.; Best, J.; Dunbar, J.