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1999Gluococorticoids decrease phenylethanolamine N - methyltransferase mRNA expression in the immature foetal sheep adrenalAdams, Michael Brenton; Ross, Jacob T.; Butler, Timothy G.; McMillen, Isabella Caroline
1998Differential effects of increasing gestational age and placental restriction on tyrosine hydroxylase, phenylethanolamine N-methyltransferase, and proenkephalin A mRNA levels in the fetal sheep adrenalAdams, Michael Brenton; Phillips, Ian D.; Simonetta, G.; McMillen, Isabella Caroline
2000A premature increase in circulating cortisol suppresses expression of 11b hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase type 2 messenger ribonucleic acid in the adrenal of the fetal sheepRoss, Jacob T.; McMillen, Isabella Caroline; Adams, Michael Brenton; Coulter, Catherine Louise
1997Catecholamines, enkephalins and the response of the fetal adrenal to hypoxaemiaMcMillen, Isabella Caroline; Simonetta, Giuseppe; Roberts, Michael Lawrence; Adams, Michael Brenton
2000Actions of hypoxia on catecholamine synthetic enzyme mRNA expression before and after development of adrenal innervation in the sheep fetusAdams, Michael Brenton; McMillen, Isabella Caroline
1998Oxygen-sensing mechanisms are present in the chromaffin cells of the sheep adrenal medulla before birthRychkov, Grigori; Adams, Michael Brenton; McMillen, Isabella Caroline; Roberts, Michael Lawrence
1996The non-neurogenic catecholamine response of the fetal adrenal to hypoxia is dependent on activation of voltage sensitive Ca2+ channelsAdams, Michael Brenton; Simonetta, Giuseppe; McMillen, Isabella Caroline
2001Tyrosine hydroxylase protein content in the medulla oblongata of the foetal sheep brain increases in response to acute but not chronic hypoxiaAdams, Michael Brenton; Brown, R. E.; Gibson, Catherine Sue; Coulter, Catherine Louise; McMillen, Isabella Caroline