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Type: Journal article
Title: N-proopiomelanocortin (1-77) suppresses expression of steroidegenic acute regulatory protein (star) mRNA in the adrenal gland of the fetal sheep
Author: Coulter, C.
Ross, J.
Salkeld, M.
Bennett, H.
James, S.
McMillen, I.
Citation: Endocrine Research, 2000; 26(4):523-529
Publisher: Marcel Dekker Inc
Issue Date: 2000
ISSN: 0743-5800
Statement of
C. L. Coulter, J. T. Ross, M. D. Salkeld, H. P. J. Bennett, S. James and I. C. McMillen
Abstract: In the sheep, there is a rapid increase in fetal adrenal growth and steroidogenesis during the last 10-15 days gestation. Recently, we have shown that infusion of POMC (1-77) increases fetal adrenal growth and expression of CYP17 mRNA but does not significantly alter fetal plasma cortisol concentrations [1]. We therefore investigated the effects of infusion of bovine POMC (1-77) and its biosynthetic derivative POMC (1-49) on adrenal StAR mRNA expression. At 136d gestation, POMC (1-77) (n=5 fetuses; 2microg/ml/h), POMC (1-49) (n=5 fetuses, 2microg/ml/h) or Saline (n=5 fetuses, 1ml/h) was infused for 48h. At 138d, fetal adrenal glands were collected and frozen in liquid N2 until RNA was extracted. Northern blot analyses demonstrated a major transcript for StAR mRNA at 3.0kb in fetal adrenal glands from all treatments. The membrane was stripped and re-probed with a P-labelled rat 18S rRNA oligo-probe to verify equal RNA loading. Infusion of POMC (1-77), but not POMC (1-49), resulted in a suppression of fetal adrenal StAR mRNA:18S rRNA when compared to adrenal StAR mRNA:18S rRNA from saline-infused controls. Our data suggest POMC (1-77) may act via separate mechanisms to increase fetal adrenal growth and to limit adrenal steroidogenesis through suppression of StAR mRNA.
Keywords: Adrenal Glands; Fetus; Animals; Sheep; Pro-Opiomelanocortin; Peptide Fragments; Phosphoproteins; RNA, Messenger; Blotting, Northern
RMID: 0001001663
DOI: 10.3109/07435800009048565
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