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2018Signature-domain calibration of hydrological models using approximate bayesian computation: empirical analysis of fundamental propertiesFenicia, F.; Kavetski, D.; Reichert, P.; Albert, C.
2018A robust Gauss-Newton algorithm for the optimization of hydrological models: from standard Gauss-Newton to robust Gauss-NewtonQin, Y.; Kavetski, D.; Kuczera, G.
2007Multistart Newton-type optimisation methods for the calibration of conceptual hydrological modelsKavetski, D.; Kuczera, G.; Thyer, M.; Renard, B.; Oxley, L.; Kulasiri, D.; International Congress on Modelling and Simulation (17th : 2007 : Christchurch, New Zealand)
2011Battling hydrological monsters: Insights into numerical approximations, data uncertainty and structural errorsKavetski, D.; Evin, G.; Clark, M.; Thyer, M.; Kuczera, G.; Renard, B.; Fenicia, F.; Tuteja, N.; IAHR World Congress (34th : 2011 : Brisbane, Australia)
2011Improving hydrological model predictions by incorporating rating curve uncertaintyThyer, M.; Renard, B.; Kavetski, D.; Kuczera, G.; Clark, M.; IAHR World Congress (34th : 2011 : Brisbane, Australia)
2006Towards a Bayesian total error analysis of conceptual rainfall-runoff models: Characterising model error using storm-dependent parametersKuczera, G.; Kavetski, D.; Franks, S.; Thyer, M.
2012On the role of soil moisture in daytime evolution of temperaturesLockhart, N.; Kavetski, D.; Franks, S.
2011Exploring the utility of multi-response calibration in river system modellingMicevski, T.; Lerat, J.; Kavetski, D.; Thyer, M.; Kuczera, G.; Chan, F.; Marinova, D.; Anderssen, R.S.; International Congress on Modelling and Simulation (19th : 2011 : Perth, Australia)
2012Reply to comment by K. Beven et al. on "Pursuing the method of multiple working hypotheses for hydrological modelling"Clark, M.; Kavetski, D.; Fenicia, F.
2011Elements of a flexible approach for conceptual hydrological modeling: 1. Motivation and theoretical developmentFenicia, F.; Kavetski, D.; Savenije, H.