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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021A modelling framework and R-package for evaluating system performance under hydroclimate variability and changeBennett, B.; Devanand, A.; Culley, S.; Westra, S.; Guo, D.; Maier, H.R.
2014Future changes to the intensity and frequency of short-duration extreme rainfallWestra, S.; Fowler, H.; Evans, J.; Alexander, L.; Berg, P.; Johnson, F.; Kendon, E.; Lenderink, G.; Roberts, N.
2017Sensitivity of potential evapotranspiration to changes in climate variables for different Australian climatic zonesGuo, D.; Westra, S.; Maier, H.
2014The impact of differences in rainfall seasonality on antecedent catchment wetness and flood riskBennett, B.; Lambert, M.; Thyer, M.; Bates, B.; Westra, S.; Hydrology and Water Resources Symposium (20 Feb 2014 - 27 Feb 2014 : Perth, Western Australia)
2009Continuous rainfall simulation: estimation at ungauged locationsWestra, S.; Sharma, A.; Hydrology and Water Resources Symposium (32nd : 2009 : Newcastle, New South Wales)
2008Recent developments in climate science: implications for Australian flood guidelinesWestra, S.; Hill, P.; Jordan, P.; Varley, I.; Stormwater Industry Association Conference (2008 : Sunshine Coast)
2012Changes to sub-daily rainfall patterns in a future climateWestra, S.; Evans, J.; Mehrotra, R.; Sharma, A.; Hydrology and Water Resources Symposium (34th : 2012 : Sydney)
2009Probabilistic estimation of multivariate streamflow using independent component analysis and climate informationWestra, S.; Sharma, A.
2007Propagation of errors in catchment modelling systemsBall, J.; Westra, S.; International Association of Hydraulic Engineering and Research Congress (32nd : 2007 : Venice, Italy)
2018An empirical investigation into the effect of antecedent precipitation on flood volumeBennett, B.; Leonard, M.; Deng, Y.; Westra, S.