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2016Natural hazards in Australia: floodsJohnson, F.; White, C.; van Dijk, A.; Ekstrom, M.; Evans, J.; Jakob, D.; Kiem, A.; Leonard, M.; Rouillard, A.; Westra, S.
2018Mapping dependence between extreme rainfall and storm surgeWu, W.; Mcinnes, K.; O'grady, J.; Hoeke, R.; Leonard, M.; Westra, S.
2014Changes to the temporal distribution of daily precipitationRajah, K.; O'Leary, T.; Turner, A.; Petrakis, G.; Leonard, M.; Westra, S.
2015A principles-evaluate-discuss model for teaching journal and conference paper writing skills to postgraduate research studentsWestra, S.; Leonard, M.; Thyer, M.; Oo,, A.; Patel,, A.; Hilditch,, T.; Chandran,, S.; 26th Australasian Association for Engineering Education Conference (AAEE2015) (6 Dec 2015 - 9 Dec 2015 : Geelong, Victoria)
2015Developing water level maps in the joint probability zone influenced by extreme tide and rainfall eventsLeonard, M.; Westra, S.; Zheng, F.; Babister, M.; Varga, I.; 36th Hydrology and Water Resources Symposium (HWRS 2015) (7 Dec 2015 - 10 Dec 2015 : Hobart, Tas)
2015Assessing the performance of the independence method in modeling spatial extreme rainfallZheng, F.; Thibaud, E.; Leonard, M.; Westra, S.
2018An empirical investigation into the effect of antecedent precipitation on flood volumeBennett, B.; Leonard, M.; Deng, Y.; Westra, S.
2014Modeling dependence between extreme rainfall and storm surge to estimate coastal flooding riskZheng, F.; Westra, S.; Leonard, M.; Sisson, S.
2018The Global Streamflow Indices and Metadata archive (GSIM)-part 2: quality control, time-series indices and homogeneity assessmentGudmundsson, L.; Do, H.; Leonard, M.; Westra, S.
2014A compound event framework for understanding extreme impactsLeonard, M.; Westra, S.; Phatak, A.; Lambert, M.; Van Den Hurk, B.; McInnes, K.; Risbey, J.; Schuster, S.; Jakob, D.; Stafford-Smith, M.