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2017Geometric morphometrics provides an alternative approach for interpreting the affinity of fossil lizard jawsGray, J.; McDowell, M.; Hutchinson, M.; Jones, M.
2009Assessment of the role of sutures in a lizard skull: a computer modelling studyMoazen, M.; Curtis, N.; O'Higgins, P.; Jones, M.; Evans, S.; Fagan, M.
2013Cranial sutures work collectively to distribute strain throughout the reptile skullCurtis, N.; Jones, M.; Evans, S.; O'Higgins, P.; Fagan, M.
2013The importance of accurate muscle modelling for biomechanical analyses: a case study with a lizard skullGröning, F.; Jones, M.; Curtis, N.; Herrel, A.; O'Higgins, P.; Evans, S.; Fagan, M.
2012A new lizard skull from the Purbeck Limestone Group (Lower Cretaceous) of EnglandEvans, S.; Jones, M.; Matsumoto, R.
2010Predicting muscle activation patterns from motion and anatomy: modelling the skull of Sphenodon (Diapsida: Rhynchocephalia)Curtis, N.; Jones, M.; Evans, S.; Shi, J.; O'Higgins, P.; Fagan, M.
2010Feedback control from the jaw joints during biting: an investigation of the reptile Sphenodon using multibody modellingCurtis, N.; Jones, M.; Evans, S.; O'Higgins, P.; Fagan, M.
2013Anurans from the Lower Cretaceous Jehol Group of western Liaoning, ChinaDong, L.; Roček, Z.; Wang, Y.; Jones, M.
2008A giant frog with South American affinities from the Late Cretaceous of MadagascarEvans, S.; Jones, M.; Krause, D.
2009Microstructure of dental hard tissues and bone in the Tuatara dentary, Sphenodon punctatus (Diapsida: Lepidosauria: Rhynchocephalia)Kieser, J.; Tkatchenko, T.; Dean, M.; Jones, M.; Duncan, W.; Nelson, N.