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2015The evolution of epigean and stygobitic species of Koonunga Sayce, 1907 (Syncarida: Anaspidacea) in Southern Australia, with the description of three new speciesLeijs, R.; Bradford, T.; Mitchell, J.; Humphreys, W.; Cooper, S.; Goonan, P.; King, R.; Bruce, N.
2012Evolution of yolk protein genes in the EchinodermataProwse, T.; Byrne, M.
2014Phylogenomic resolution of the class Ophiuroidea unlocks a global microfossil recordO'Hara, T.; Hugall, A.; Thuy, B.; Moussalli, A.
2014Paleo-Antarctic rainforest into the modern old world tropics: the rich past and threatened future of the "southern wet forest survivors"Kooyman, R.; Wilf, P.; Barreda, V.; Carpenter, R.; Jordan, G.; Kale Sniderman, J.; Allen, A.; Brodribb, T.; Crayn, D.; Feild, T.; Laffan, S.; Lusk, C.; Rossetto, M.; Weston, P.
2017The origin and phylogenetic relationships of the New Zealand ravensScofield, R.P.; Mitchell, K.J.; Wood, J.R.; De Pietri, V.L.; Jarvie, S.; Llamas, B.; Cooper, A.
2013Anurans from the Lower Cretaceous Jehol Group of western Liaoning, ChinaDong, L.; Roček, Z.; Wang, Y.; Jones, M.; Farke, A.
2002Contrasting rates of mitochondrial molecular evolution in parasitic diptera and hymenopteraCastro, L.; Austin, A.; Dowton, M.
2016Identifying centres of plant biodiversity in South AustraliaGuerin, G.; Biffin, E.; Baruch, Z.; Lowe, A.
2014Quantifying phytogeographical regions of Australia using geospatial turnover in species compositionGonzález-Orozco, C.; Ebach, M.; Laffan, S.; Thornhill, A.; Knerr, N.; Schmidt-Lebuhn, A.; Cargill, C.; Clements, M.; Nagalingum, N.; Mishler, B.; Miller, J.; Joger, U.
2016Warming and fertilization alter the dilution effect of host diversity on disease severityLiu, X.; Lyu, S.; Zhou, S.; Bradshaw, C.