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2002Rotifer resting egg densities in lakes of different trophic state, and their assessment using emergence and egg countsDuggan, I.; Green, J.; Shiel, R.
2001The forensic application of allozyme electrophoresis to the identification of blowfly larvae (Diptera : Calliphoridae) in southern AustraliaWallman, J.; Adams, M.
2001Reconnaissance limnology of Tasmania VII. Coastal lagoons of Bass Strait Islands, with reference to endemic microflora and microfaunaWalsh, R.; Shiel, R.; Tyler, P.
2002Fossil frogs from the central highlands of Papua New GuineaMenzies, J.; Russell, L.; Tyler, M.; Mountain, M.
2001The identification, conservation, and management of estuarine and marine nurseries for fish and invertebratesBeck, M.; Heck Jr., K.; Able, K.; Childers, D.; Eggleston, D.; Gillanders, B.; Halpern, B.; Hays, C.; Hoshino, K.; Minello, T.; Orth, R.; Sheridan, P.; Weinstein, M.
2001Effects of the 1995 and 1998 mass mortality events on the spawning biomass of sardine, Sardinops sagax, in South Australian watersWard, T.; Hoedt, F.; McLeay, L.; Dimmlich, W.; Kinloch, M.; Jackson, G.; McGarvey, R.; Rogers, P.; Jones, K.
2000Effects of water level regulation on algal biofilms in the River Murray, South AustraliaBurns, A.; Walker, K.
2001High-affinity potassium transport into wheat roots involves sodium - a role for HKT1?Hayes, D.; Smith, F.; Walker, N.
2000Hydrological persistence and the ecology of dryland riversPuckridge, J.; Walker, K.; Costelloe, J.
2009Description of the tadpole of Hylarana aurantiaca (Anura:Ranidae) from Sri LankaUkuwela, K.