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2018Exploring mechanisms and origins of reduced dispersal in island Komodo dragonsJessop, T.; Ariefiandy, A.; Purwandana, D.; Ciofi, C.; Imansyah, J.; Benu, Y.; Fordham, D.; Forsyth, D.; Mulder, R.; Phillips, B.
2000Freshwater bloomsOliver, R.; Ganf, G.
2002Can habitat loss be treated independently of habitat configuration? Implications for rare and common taxa in fragmented landscapesGoodsell, P.; Connell, S.
2014Ecosystem resilience and resistance to climate changeRussell, B.; Connell, S.
2001Cuticle micromorphology of leaves of Pinus (Pinaceae) from Mexico and Central AmericaWhang, S.; Pak, J.; Hill, R.; Kim, K.
2016Bioluminescence in the ghost fungus Omphalotus nidiformis does not attract potential spore dispersing insectsWeinstein, P.; Delean, S.; Wood, T.; Austin, A.
2001Nothofagus biogeography revisited with special emphasis on the enigmatic distribution of subgenus Brassospora in New CaledoniaSwenson, U.; Backlund, A.; McLoughlin, S.; Hill, R.
2015Green algal over cyanobacterial dominance promoted with nitrogen and phosphorus additions in a mesocosm study at Lake Taihu, ChinaMa, J.; Qin, B.; Paerl, H.; Brookes, J.; Wu, P.; Zhou, J.; Deng, J.; Guo, J.; Li, Z.
2019Mitochondrial genomes from New Zealand's extinct adzebills (Aves: Aptornithidae: Aptornis) support a sister-taxon relationship with the Afro-Madagascan SarothruridaeBoast, A.; Chapman, B.; Herrera, M.; Worthy, T.; Scofield, R.; Tennyson, A.; Houde, P.; Bunce, M.; Cooper, A.; Mitchell, K.
1999Pattern of respiration by intact inflorexcences of the thermogenic arum lily Philodendron selloumSeymour, R.