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2009Accelerating loss of seagrasses across the globe threatens coastal ecosystems'Waycott, M.; Duarte, C.; Carruthers, T.; Orth, R.; Dennison, W.; Olyarnik, S.; Calladine, A.; Fourqurean, J.; Heck, K.; Hughes, A.; Kendrick, G.; Kenworthy, W.; Short, F.; Williams, S.
2009Habitat adaptation rather than genetic distance correlates with female preference in fire salamanders (Salamandra salamandra)Caspers, B.A.; Junge, C.; Weitere, M.; Steinfartz, S.
2009REDD in the red: palm oil could undermine carbon payment schemesButler, R.; Koh, L.; Ghazoul, J.
2009A survey on the amphibians of Ambagamuwa, a tropical wet midland area in Sri LankaNayana Pradeep Kumara, D.M.; Ukuwela, K.D.B.
2009The spider families Synotaxidae and Malkaridae (Arachnida: Araneae: Araneoidea) in Western AustraliaRix, M.; Roberts, J.; Harvey, M.
2009Animal performance and stress: responses and tolerance limits at different levels of biological organisationKassahn, K.S.; Crozier, R.H.; Pörtner, H.O.; Caley, M.J.
2009Biofuels: social benefitsRist, L.; Lee, J.; Koh, L.
2009Attack or consumption of Epomophorus (Chiroptera) by Paraxerus (Rodentia) and Papio (Primates) in TanzaniaStanley, W.T.; Collett, L.
2009Superb fairy-wren males aggregate into hidden leks to solicit extragroup fertilizations before dawnCockburn, A.; Dalziell, A.; Blackmore, C.; Double, M.; Kokko, H.; Osmond, H.; Beck, N.; Head, M.; Wells, K.
2009Description of the tadpole of Hylarana aurantiaca (Anura:Ranidae) from Sri LankaUkuwela, K.D.B.