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2014The mafic-ultramafic complex of Aniyapuram, Cauvery Suture Zone, southern India: Petrological and geochemical constraints for Neoarchean suprasubduction zone tectonicsYellappa, T.; Venkatasivappa, V.; Koizumi, T.; Chetty, T.; Santosh, M.; Tsunogae, T.
2015Petrology, geochemistry and zircon U-Pb and Lu-Hf isotopes of the Cretaceous dykes in the central North China Craton: Implications for magma genesis and gold metallogenyLi, Q.; Santosh, M.; Li, S.; Zhang, J.
2018Zircon U-Pb chronology and Hf isotope from the Palawan-Mindoro Block, Philippines: implication to provenance and tectonic evolution of the South China SeaYan, Y.; Yao, D.; Tian, Z.; Huang, C.; Chen, W.; Santosh, M.; Yumul, G.; Dimalanta, C.; Li, Z.
2016Mineral chemistry of isotropic gabbros from the Manamedu Ophiolite Complex, Cauvery Suture Zone, southern India: evidence for Neoproterozoic suprasubduction zone tectonicsYellappa, T.; Tsunogae, T.; Chetty, T.; Santosh, M.
2017Persistence of wetlands on North Stradbroke Island (south-east Queensland, Australia) during the last glacial cycle: implications for Quaternary science and biogeographyTibby, J.; Barr, C.; Marshall, J.; McGregor, G.; Moss, P.; Arnold, L.; Page, T.; Questiaux, D.; Olley, J.; Kemp, J.; Spooner, N.; Petherick, L.; Penny, D.; Mooney, S.; Moss, E.
2014Geological and isotopic evidence for magmatic-hydrothermal origin of the Ag–Pb–Zn deposits in the Lengshuikeng District, east-central ChinaWang, C.; Zhang, D.; Wu, G.; Santosh, M.; Zhang, J.; Xu, Y.; Zhang, Y.
2012On the role of dual active margin collision for exhuming the world's largest ultrahigh pressure metamorphic beltWang, L.; Kusky, T.; Santosh, M.
2016Relating permeability and electrical resistivity in fractures using random resistor network modelsKirkby, A.; Heinson, G.; Krieger, L.
2016Tectonic evolution of the North Qinling Orogen from subduction to collision and exhumation: evidence from zircons in metamorphic rocks of the Qinling GroupYu, H.; Zhang, H.; Li, X.; Zhang, J.; Santosh, M.; Yang, Y.; Zhou, D.
2013Rapid forearc spreading between 130 and 120Ma: evidence from geochronology and geochemistry of the Xigaze ophiolite, southern TibetDai, J.; Wang, C.; Polat, A.; Santosh, M.; Li, Y.; Ge, Y.