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2013Thermo-tectonic history of the Issyk-Kul basement (Kyrgyz Northern Tien Shan, Central Asia)De Grave, J.; Glorie, S.; Buslov, M.; Stockli, D.; McWilliams, M.; Batalev, V.; Van den haute, P.
2018Meso-Cenozoic tectonic evolution of the Talas-Fergana region of the Kyrgyz Tien Shan revealed by low-temperature basement and detrital thermochronologyNachtergaele, S.; De Pelsmaeker, E.; Glorie, S.; Zhimulev, F.; Jolivet, M.; Danisik, M.; Buslov, M.; De Grave, J.
2012Late Palaeozoic and Meso-Cenozoic tectonic evolution of the southern Kyrgyz Tien Shan: constraints from multi-method thermochronology in the Trans-Alai, Turkestan-Alai segment and the southeastern Ferghana BasinDe Grave, J.; Glorie, S.; Ryabinin, A.; Zhimulev, F.; Buslov, M.; Izmer, A.; Elburg, M.; Vanhaecke, F.; Van den Haute, P.
2012Tectonic history of the Irtysh shear zone (NE Kazakhstan): new constraints from zircon U/Pb dating, apatite fission track dating and palaeostress analysisGlorie, S.; De Grave, J.; Delvaux, D.; Buslov, M.; Zhimulev, F.; Vanhaecke, F.; Elburg, M.; Van den Haute, P.
2016Late Palaeogene emplacement and late Neogene-Quaternary exhumation of the Kuril island-arc root (Kunashir island) constrained by multi-method thermochronometryDe Grave, J.; Zhimulev, F.; Glorie, S.; Kuznetsov, G.; Evans, N.; Vanhaecke, F.; McInnes, B.
2011Formation and Palaeozoic evolution of the Gorny-Altai-Altai-Mongolia suture zone (South Siberia): zircon U/Pb constraints on the igneous recordGlorie, S.; De Grave, J.; Buslov, M.; Zhimulev, F.; Izmer, A.; Vandoorne, W.; Ryabinin, A.; Van den Haute, P.; Vanhaecke, F.; Elburg, M.
2010Multi-method chronometric constraints on the evolution of the Northern Kyrgyz Tien Shan granitoids (Central Asian Orogenic Belt): from emplacement to exhumationGlorie, S.; De Grave, J.; Buslov, M.; Elburg, M.; Stockli, D.; Gerdes, A.; Van den Haute, P.
2011The thermo-tectonic history of the Song-Kul plateau, Kyrgyz Tien Shan: constraints by apatite and titanite thermochronometry and zircon U/Pb datingDe Grave, J.; Glorie, S.; Buslov, M.; Izmer, A.; Fournier-Carrie, A.; Batalev, V.; Vanhaecke, F.; Elburg, M.; Van den Haute, P.
2011Relationship between the Ordovician and Carboniferous-Permian collisional events in the southeastern Tunka bald mountains, East Sayan (southwestern framing of the Siberian Platform)Zhimulev, F.; Buslov, M.; Glorie, S.; De Grave, J.; Fidler, M.; Izmer, A.
2008Apatite fission-track thermochronology applied to the Chulyshman Plateau, Siberian Altai RegionDe Grave, J.; Van den Haute, P.; Buslov, M.; Dehandschutter, B.; Glorie, S.