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2014Crustal root of the Eastern Dharwar Craton: zircon U-Pb age and Lu-Hf isotopic evolution of the East Salem Block, southeast IndiaGlorie, S.; De Grave, J.; Singh, T.; Payne, J.; Collins, A.
2019Thermochronological and geochemical footprints of post-orogenic fluid alteration recorded in apatite: implications for mineralisation in the Uzbek Tian ShanGlorie, S.; Jepson, G.; Konopelko, D.; Mirkamalov, R.; Meeuws, F.; Gilbert, S.; Gillespie, J.; Collins, A.; Xiao, W.; Dewaele, S.; De Grave, J.
2018Post-accretionary exhumation of the Meguma terrane relative to the Avalon terrane in the Canadian AppalachiansArchibald, D.; Murphy, J.; Reddy, S.; Jourdan, F.; Gillespie, J.; Glorie, S.
2011Emplacement and exhumation of the Kuznetsk-Alatau basement (Siberia): implications for the tectonic evolution of the Central Asian Orogenic Belt and sediment supply to the Kuznetsk, Minusa and West Siberian BasinsDe Grave, J.; Glorie, S.; Zhimulev, F.; Buslov, M.; Elburg, M.; Vanhaecke, F.; Van den Haute, P.
2011The thermo-tectonic history of the Song-Kul plateau, Kyrgyz Tien Shan: constraints by apatite and titanite thermochronometry and zircon U/Pb datingDe Grave, J.; Glorie, S.; Buslov, M.M.; Izmer, A.; Fournier-Carrie, A.; Batalev, V.Y.; Vanhaecke, F.; Elburg, M.; Van den Haute, P.
2012Structural control on Meso-Cenozoic tectonic reactivation and denudation in the Siberian Altai: insights from multi-method thermochronometryGlorie, S.; De Grave, J.; Buslov, M.; Zhimulev, F.; Elburg, M.; Van den Haute, P.
2013Thermo-tectonic history of the Issyk-Kul basement (Kyrgyz Northern Tien Shan, Central Asia)De Grave, J.; Glorie, S.; Buslov, M.; Stockli, D.; McWilliams, M.; Batalev, V.; Van den haute, P.
2016Late Palaeogene emplacement and late Neogene-Quaternary exhumation of the Kuril island-arc root (Kunashir island) constrained by multi-method thermochronometryDe Grave, J.; Zhimulev, F.I.; Glorie, S.; Kuznetsov, G.V.; Evans, N.; Vanhaecke, F.; McInnes, B.
2018Stratigraphy of deformed Permian carbonate reefs in Saraburi Province, ThailandDew, R.; King, R.; Collins, A.; Morley, C.; Arboit, F.; Glorie, S.
2013Tectonics and geodynamics of Gorny Altai and adjacent structures of the Altai–Sayan folded areaBuslov, M.; Geng, H.; Travin, A.; Otgonbaatar, D.; Kulikova, A.; Ming, C.; Glorie, S.; Semakov, N.; Rubanova, E.; Abildaeva, M.; Voitishek, E.; Trofimova, D.