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2017Trace element mapping by LA-ICP-MS: assessing geochemical mobility in garnetRaimondo, T.; Payne, J.; Wade, B.; Lanari, P.; Clark, C.; Hand, M.
2010Three metamorphic events recorded in a single garnet: Integrated phase modelling, in situ LA-ICPMS and SIMS geochronology from the Moine Supergroup, NW ScotlandCutts, K.; Kinny, P.; Strachan, R.; Hand, M.; Kelsey, D.; Emery, M.; Friend, C.; Leslie, A.
2017A curious case of agreement between conventional thermobarometry and phase equilibria modelling in granulites: new constraints on P-T estimates in the Antarctica segment of the Musgrave-Albany-Fraser-Wilkes OrogenMorrissey, L.; Hand, M.; Kelsey, D.
2016Cambrian high-temperature reworking of the Rayner-Eastern ghats terrane: constraints from the Northern Prince Charles Mountains region, East AntarcticaMorrissey, L.; Hand, M.; Kelsey, D.; Wade, B.
2015Age constraints on the timing of iron ore mineralisation in the southeastern Gawler CratonLane, K.; Jagodzinski, E.; Dutch, R.; Reid, A.; Hand, M.
2018Thorium distribution in the crust: outcrop and grain-scale perspectivesWilliams, M.; Kelsey, D.; Baggs, T.; Hand, M.; Alessio, K.
2015Seismic mapping and geomechanical analyses of faults within deep hot granites, a workflow for enhanced geothermal system projectsAbul Khair, H.; Cooke, D.; Hand, M.
2019Mapping the Gawler Craton-Musgrave Province interface using integrated heat flow and magnetotelluricsPollett, A.; Thiel, S.; Bendall, B.; Raimondo, T.; Hand, M.
2018A hafnium isotopic record of magmatic arcs and continental growth in the Iapetus Ocean: The contrasting evolution of Ganderia and the peri-Laurentian marginHenderson, B.; Collins, W.; Brendan Murphy, J.; Hand, M.
2019Closed system behaviour of argon in osumilite records protracted high-T metamorphism within the Rogaland–Vest Agder Sector, NorwayBlereau, E.; Clark, C.; Jourdan, F.; Johnson, T.; Taylor, R.; Kinny, P.; Danišík, M.; Hand, M.; Eroglu, E.