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1996The planktonic foraminifer Cassigerinella winniana (Howe) from southern Australia: comments on its lineage recognitionLi, Q.; McGowran, B.
1996Southern Australian endemic and semi-endemic foraminifera: a preliminary reportLi, Q.; Quilty, P.; Moss, G.; McGowran, B.
1996Mixed foraminiferal biofacies on the mesotrophic, mid-latitude Lacepede Shelf, South AustraliaLi, Q.; McGowran, B.; James, N.; Bone, Y.; Cann, J.
1995Early Paleocene Parvularugoglobigerina and late Eocene Praetenuitella: Evolutionary convergence implies similar habitat?Li, Q.; McGowran, B.
1996Foraminiferal biostratigraphy and depositional environments of the mid-Cenozoic Abrakurrie Limestones, Eucla Basin, Southern AustraliaLi, Q.; James, N.; Bone, Y.; McGowran, B.
1999Foraminiferal sequence biostratigraphy of the Olig0-Miocene Janjukian strata from Torquay, southeastern AustraliaLi, Q.; Davies, P.; McGowran, B.
1997Biogeographic impact of the Leeuwin Current in southern Australia since the late middle EoceneMcGowran, B.; Li, Q.; Cann, J.; Padley, D.; McKirdy, D.; Shafik, S.
1999Palaeoceanographic significance of recent foraminiferal biofacies on the southern shelf of Western Australia; a preliminary studyLi, Q.; Bone, Y.; James, N.; McGowran, B.
1998Synergetic influence of water masses and Kangaroo Island barrier on foraminiferal distribution, Lincoln and Lacepede shelves, South Australia: a synthesisLi, Q.; James, N.; McGowran, B.; Bone, Y.; Cann, J.
1999Miocene foraminifera from the Finniss Clay and Cadell Marl, western Murray Basin: taxonomic and taphonomic contrasts and their environmental significance.Li, Q.; McGowran, B.