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2016Late Permian basalts in the northwestern margin of the Emeishan Large Igneous Province: implications for the origin of the Songpan-Ganzi terraneLi, H.; Zhang, Z.; Santosh, M.; Lü, L.; Han, L.; Liu, W.; Cheng, Z.
2017Palaeogene Sediment-hosted Pb–Zn deposits in SE Asia: the Uragen exampleWang, Y.; Zhang, Z.; Zhang, S.; Cheng, Z.; Huang, H.; Ye, J.; Zhao, Z.; Ma, Y.; Santosh, M.
2014Geophysical transect across the North China Craton: a perspective on the interaction between Tibetan eastward escape and Pacific westward flowZhang, Z.; Zhang, G.; Deng, Y.; Santosh, M.; Teng, J.
2012Guangtoushan granites and their enclaves: implications for Triassic mantle upwelling in the northern margin of the North China CratonZhang, Z.; Zhang, H.; Shao, J.; Ying, J.; Yang, Y.; Santosh, M.
2012Tectonic evolution of the amdo terrane, central tibet: petrochemistry and zircon U-Pb geochronologyZhang, Z.; Dong, X.; Liu, F.; Lin, Y.; Yan, R.; Santosh, M.
2018Anoxic to suboxic Mesoproterozoic ocean: evidence from iron isotope and geochemistry of siderite in the Banded Iron Formations from North Qilian, NW ChinaYang, X.; Zhang, Z.; Santosh, M.; Duan, S.; Liang, T.
2019Geochemistry and zircon U-Pb geochronology of the oxidaban intrusive complex: Implication for Paleozoic tectonic evolution of the South Tianshan Orogenic Belt, ChinaKong, W.; Zhang, Z.; Huang, H.; Cheng, Z.; Santosh, M.
2018Hydrothermal copper mineralization in the Mesoproterozoic Huashugou banded iron formation, Northwest China: characteristics, timing of formation and genesisYang, X.; Zhang, Z.; Santosh, M.; Li, C.; Liang, T.
2013Mesoproterozoic arc magmatism in SE India: petrology, zircon U-Pb geochronology and Hf isotopes of the Bopudi felsic suite from Eastern Ghats BeltDharma Rao, C.; Santosh, M.; Zhang, Z.; Tsunogae, T.
2018Magnesium isotopic composition of continental arc andesites and the implications: a case study from the El Laco volcanic complex, ChileXie, Q.; Zhang, Z.; Campos, E.; Cheng, Z.; Fei, X.; Liu, B.; Qiu, Y.; Santosh, M.; Ke, S.; Xu, L.