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1973Large-scale horizontal displacement within Australo-Antarctica in the OrdovicianDaily, B.; Jago, J.; Milnes, A.
1971Stratigraphic notes on the Lower Cambrian fossiliferous sediments between Campbell Creek and Tunkalilla Beach in the type section of the Kanmantoo Group, Fleurieu Peninsula, South AustraliaDaily, B.; Milnes, A.
1973Stratigraphy, structure and metamorphism of the Kanmantoo Group (Cambrian) in its type section east of Tunkalilla Beach, South AustraliaDaily, B.; Milnes, A.
1973Phosphorian lavendulan from the Dome Rock Mine, South AustraliaKleeman, A.; Milnes, A.
1972Significance of basal Cambrian metasediments of andalusite grade, Dudley Peninsula, Kangaroo Island, South AustraliaDaily, B.; Milnes, A.
1971Discovery of Late Precambrian tillites (Sturt Group) and younger metasediments (Marino Group) on Dudley Peninsula, Kangaroo IslandDaily, B.; Milnes, A.
1977Pre‐ to syn‐tectonic emplacement of early Palaeozoic granites in southeastern South AustraliaMilnes, A.; Compston, W.; Daily, B.
2014Driving forces for the weathering and alteration of silica in the regolith: implications for studies of prehistoric flint toolsThiry, M.; Fernandes, P.; Milnes, A.; Raynal, J.
1971Rubidium-strontium geochronology of the Encounter Bay granites and adjacent metamorphic rocks, South AustraliaDasch, E.; Nesbitt, R.; Milnes, A.
2013Late Paleozoic Troubridge Basin sediments on Kangaroo Island, South AustraliaAlley, N.; Bourman, R.; Milnes, A.R.