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2015Application of tracers to measure, monitor and verify breakthrough of sequestered CO₂ at the CO2CRC Otway Project, Victoria, AustraliaStalker, L.; Boreham, C.; Underschultz, J.; Freifeld, B.; Perkins, E.; Schacht, U.; Sharma, S.
2016Catchment-scale denudation and chemical erosion rates determined from ¹⁰Be and mass balance geochemistry (Mt. Lofty Ranges of South Australia)Bestland, E.; Liccioli, C.; Soloninka, L.; Chittleborough, D.; Fink, D.
1996Pb-Pb zircon evaporation date for the Charleston Granite, South Australia: Comparisons with other Zircon Geochronology techniquesDougherty-Page, J.; Foden, J.
2018A tripartite approach to unearthing the duration of high temperature conditions versus peak metamorphism: An example from the Bunger Hills, East AntarcticaTucker, N.; Hand, M.; Kelsey, D.; Taylor, R.; Clark, C.; Payne, J.
2011Actual evapotranspiration estimation by ground and remote sensing methods: the Australian experienceGlenn, E.; Doody, T.; Guerschman, J.; Huete, A.; King, E.; Mcvicar, T.; Van Dijk, A.; Van Niel, T.; Yebra, M.; Zhang, Y.
2016Biomarker case-detection and prediction with potential for functional psychosis screening: development and validation of a model related to biochemistry, sensory neural timing and end organ performanceFryar-Williams, S.; Strobel, J.
2018Mg isotope inter-laboratory comparison of reference materials from earth-surface low-temperature environmentsShalev, N.; Farkas, J.; Fietzke, J.; Novak, M.; Schussler, J.; Pogge von Strandmann, P.; Toerber, P.
2015Fate of gold and base metals during metamorphic devolatilization of a peliteZhong, R.; Brugger, J.; Tomkins, A.; Chen, Y.; Li, W.
2016Background seismicity in Boso Peninsula, Japan: long-term acceleration, and relationship with slow slip eventsReverso, T.; Marsan, D.; Helmstetter, A.; Enescu, B.
2016Magnetic susceptibility of Middle Ordovician sedimentary rocks, Pakri Peninsula, NW EstoniaPlado, J.; Ainsaar, L.; Dmitrijeva, M.; Põldsaar, K.; Ots, S.; Pesonen, L.; Preeden, U.