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1998Rietveld X-ray diffraction and X-ray flourescence analysis of Australian Aboriginal OchresJercher, M.; Pring, A.; Jones, P.; Raven, M.
1996Sedimentology of the Neoproterozoic Acraman impact-ejecta horizon, South AustraliaWallace, M.; Gostin, V.; Keays, R.
1995Quantification of tertiary exhumation in the UK Southern North Sea using sonic velocity dataHillis, R.
1995Aeromagnetic images of the Acraman impact structureWilliams, G.; Boyd, D.; Schmidt, P.
1999U-Pb ages from the Harts Range, central Australia: evidence for Early Ordovician extension and constraints on Carboniferous metamorphismHand, M.; Mawby, J.; Kinny, P.; Foden, J.
1999Petrology and microstructure of distal impact ejecta from the Flinders Ranges, AustraliaGostin, V.; Zbik, M.
1995Rb-Sr dating of differentiated cleavage from the Adelaidean metasediments at Hallett Cove, southern Adelaide Fold Belt: Reply to discussion by W.V. PreissTurner, S.; Sandiford, M.; Flottmann, T.; Foden, J.
1996Foraminiferal biofacies on the mid-latitude Lincoln Shelf, South Australia: oceanographic and sedimentological implicationsLi, Q.; McGowran, B.; James, N.; Bone, Y.
1997Palaeomagnetic dating of sub-Torridon Group weathering profiles, NW Scotland: verification of Neoproterozoic palaeosols.Williams, G.; Schmidt, P.
1999Bornhardt inselbers in the Salt River Valley, south of Kellerberrin, Western Australia (with notes on a tesselated pavement in granite and pinnacles in laterite)Twidale, C.; Bourne, J.; Romani, J.