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2019A multi-dating approach to age-modelling long continental records: The 135 ka El Cañizar de Villarquemado sequence (NE Spain)Valero-Garcés, B.; González-Sampériz, P.; Gil Romera, G.; Benito, B.; Moreno, A.; Oliva-Urcia, B.; Aranbarri, J.; García-Prieto, E.; Frugone, M.; Morellón, M.; Arnold, L.; Demuro, M.; Hardiman, M.; Blockley, P.; Lane, C.
2019Recognition of Pan-African-aged metamorphism in the Fisher Terrane, central Prince Charles Mountains, East AntarcticaDe Vries Van Leeuwen, A.; Morrissey, L.; Kelsey, D.; Raimondo, T.
2015Fossil shark teeth from upland Fleurieu Peninsula, South Australia: evidence for previously unknown Tertiary marine sedimentsPledge, N.S.; Milnes, A.R.; Bourman, R.P.; Alley, N.F.
2016A diatom-inferred record of lake variability during the last 900 years in Lützow-Holm Bay, East AntarcticaRudd, R.; Tyler, J.; Tibby, J.; Yokoyama, Y.; Tavernier, I.; Verleyen, E.; Fukui, M.; Takano, Y.
2007E.S.T. O'Driscoll lineaments and ring structuresTwidale, C.
2007Pulp and solution chemistryRalston, J.; Fornasiero, D.; Grano, S.
2012Australasian asphaltite strandings revisited: their origin and the effects of weathering and biodegradation on their biomarker and isotopic profilesHall, P.; McKirdy, D.; Grice, K.; Edwards, D.; Eastern Australasian Basins Symposium IV (10 Sep 2012 - 14 Sep 2012 : Brisbane, Qld.)
2017Silcretes: Insights into the occurrences and formation of materials sourced for stone tool makingThiry, M.; Milnes, A.
2010Block-iterative and string-averaging projection algorithms in proton computed tomography image reconstructionPenfold, S.; Schulte, R.; Censor, Y.; Bashkirov, V.; McAllister, S.; Schubert, K.; Rosenfeld, A.
2015Integrated and explicit boundary conditions of electromagnetic fields at arbitrary interfaces between two anisotropic mediaZhou, B.; Heinson, G.; Rivera-Rios, A.