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2016Ore petrography using megapixel X-ray imaging: rapid insights into element distribution and mobilization in complex Pt and U-Ge-Cu oresLi, K.; Etschmann, B.; Rae, N.; Reith, F.; Ryan, C.; Kirkham, R.; Howard, D.; Rosa, D.; Zammit, C.; Pring, A.; Ngothai, Y.; Hooker, A.; Brugger, J.
2016Geochemistry and petrology of the indium-bearing polymetallic skarn ores at Pitkäranta, Ladoga Karelia, RussiaValkama, M.; Sundblad, K.; Cook, N.; Ivashchenko, V.
2010Textural variation in the pyrite-rich ore deposits of the Røros district, Trondheim Region, Norway: implications for pyrite deformation mechanismsBarrie, C.; Cook, N.; Boyle, A.
2016Mineralogy and geochemistry of indium-bearing polymetallic veins in the Sarvlaxviken area, Lovisa, FinlandValkama, M.; Sundblad, K.; Nygård, R.; Cook, N.
2019Defining IOCG signatures through compositional data analysis: a case study of lithogeochemical zoning from the Olympic Dam deposit, South AustraliaDmitrijeva, M.; Ehrig, K.; Ciobanu, C.; Cook, N.; Verdugo-Ihl, M.R.; Metcalfe, A.
2012Orebody modelling for exploration: the Western Mineralisation, Broken Hill, NSWLotfolah Hamedani, M.; Plimer, I.; Xu, C.
2012U-Pb zircon crystallization age of the Muslim Bagh ophiolite: enigmatic remains of an extensive pre-Himalayan arcKakar, M.; Collins, A.; Mahmood, K.; Foden, J.; Khan, M.
2019Effect of physical and biogeochemical factors on placer gold transformation in mountainous landscapes of SwitzerlandRea, M.; Wulser, P.; Brugger, J.; Etschmann, B.; Bissett, A.; Shuster, J.; Reith, F.
2016Natural bitumen stranding on the ocean beaches of southern Australia: a historical and geospatial reviewEdwards, D.; Vinall, D.; Corrick, A.; McKirdy, D.
2019Age, origin and palaeogeography of the Southern Irumide Belt, ZambiaAlessio, B.; Collins, A.; Clark, C.; Glorie, S.; Siegfried, P.; Taylor, R.