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2014Characterisation of induced fracture networks within an enhanced geothermal system using anisotropic electromagnetic modellingMacFarlane, J.; Thiel, S.; Pek, J.; Peacock, J.; Heinson, G.
2012Precambrian crustal evolution of the South China Block and its relation to supercontinent history: constraints from U-Pb ages, Lu-Hf isotopes and REE geochemistry of zircons from sandstones and granodioriteYao, J.; Shu, L.; Santosh, M.; Li, J.
2012Geochronology and geochemistry of basaltic rocks from the Sartuohai ophiolitic mélange, NW China: implications for a Devonian mantle plume within the Junggar OceanYang, G.; Li, Y.; Santosh, M.; Yang, B.; Yan, J.; Zhang, B.; Tong, L.
2015Magnetotelluric evidence for serpentinisation in a Cambrian subduction zone beneath the Delamerian Orogen, southeast AustraliaRobertson, K.; Taylor, D.; Thiel, S.; Heinson, G.
2019A giant species of trilobite inhabited Australian waters half a billion years agoHolmes, J.D.; Garcia-Bellido, D.; Paterson, J.R.
2018Early Cambrian chronostratigraphy and geochronology of South AustraliaBetts, M.; Paterson, J.; Jacquet, S.; Andrew, A.; Hall, P.; Jago, J.; Jagodzinski, E.; Preiss, W.; Crowley, J.; Brougham, T.; Mathewson, C.; Garcia-Bellido, D.; Topper, T.; Skovsted, C.; Brock, G.
2019A new chancelloriid from the Emu Bay Shale (Cambrian Stage 4) of South AustraliaYun, H.; Brock, G.; Zhang, X.; Li, L.; Garcia-Bellido, D.; Paterson, J.
2008Discovery of a Neoproterozoic basin in the Prydz belt in East Antarctica and its implications for Gondwana assembly and ultrahigh temperature metamorphismKelsey, D.; Wade, B.; Collins, A.; Hand, M.; Sealing, C.; Netting, A.
2007Age and sedimentary provenance of the Southern Granulites South India: U-Th-PbSHRIMP secondary ion mass spectrometryCollins, A.; Santosh, M.; Braun, I.; Clark, C.
2013Episodic widespread magma underplating beneath the North China Craton in the Phanerozoic: implications for craton destructionZhang, H.; Zhu, R.; Santosh, M.; Ying, J.; Su, B.; Hu, Y.