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2010Assessing past temperature and soil pH estimates from bacterial tetraether membrane lipids: evidence from the recent lake sediments of Lochnagar, ScotlandTyler, J.; Nederbragt, A.; Jones, V.; Thurow, J.
1998Facies and allostratigraphy of high-latitude glacially-influenced marine stratigraphy of the Early Permian southern Sydney Basin, AustraliaEyles, C.; Eyles, N.; Gostin, V.
2011Onset and termination of the late-glacial climate reversal in the high-resolution diatom and sedimentary records from the annually laminated SG06 core from Lake Suigetsu, JapanKossler, A.; Tarasov, P.; Schlolaut, G.; Nakagawa, T.; Marshall, M.; Brauer, A.; Staff, R.; Ramsey, C.B.; Bryant, C.; Lamb, H.; Demske, D.; Gotanda, K.; Haraguchi, T.; Yokoyama, Y.; Yonenobu, H.; Tada, R.; Suigetsu 2006 project members
2006Interpretation of palaeoweathering features and successive silicifications in the Tertiary regolith of inland AustraliaThiry, M.; Milnes, A.R.; Rayot, V.; Simon-Coincon, R.
2019Magmatic and hydrothermal zircon growth during multiple orogenic cycles in an evolving mantle wedgeWang, J.; Santosh, M.; Li, S.; Kim, S.
2010Pitfalls of classifying ancient magmatic suites with tectonic discrimination diagrams: An example from the Paleoproterozoic Tunkillia Suite, southern AustraliaPayne, J.; Ferris, G.; Hatch, K.; Hand, M.
2018Petrogenesis and tectonic significance of late Mesozoic granitic and adakitic rocks from inland South China: constraints from geochemistry, zircon U–Pb geochronology and Hf isotopesWang, J.; Shu, L.; Santosh, M.
2018Petrogenesis of Eocene mineralized porphyry in Bijiashan, eastern margin of Tibet Plateau: constraints from geochronology, geochemistry and Hf isotopesJie, Z.; Sanzhong, L.; Genhou, W.; Santosh, M.; Li, Z.; Shengyao, Y.; Yiming, L.; Xiyao, L.
2018Petrological and geochemical constraints on the protoliths of serpentine-magnetite ores in the Zhaoanzhuang iron deposit, southern North China CratonMeng, J.; Houmin, L.; Lixing, L.; Santosh, M.; Song, Z.; Yang, X.
2018Petrogenesis of gabbroic intrusions in the Valerianov-Beltau-Kurama magmatic arc, Uzbekistan: the role of arc maturity controlling the generation of giant porphyry Cu–Au depositsCheng, Z.; Zhang, Z.; Turesebekov, A.; Nurtaev, B.; Xu, L.; Santosh, M.