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1972Revision of the stratigraphic nomenclature of the Cambrian Kanmantoo Group, South AustraliaDaily, B.; Milnes, A.R.
2016Severe selenium depletion in the Phanerozoic oceans as a factor in three global mass extinction eventsLong, J.; Large, R.; Lee, M.; Benton, M.; Danyushevsky, L.; Chiappe, L.; Halpin, J.; Cantrill, D.; Lottermoser, B.
2015Resistivity inversion in 2-D anisotropic media: numerical experimentsWiese, T.; Greenhalgh, S.; Zhou, B.; Greenhalgh, M.; Marescot, L.
2014The effect of Mn on mineral stability in metapelites revisited: new a-x relations for manganese-bearing mineralsWhite, R.; Powell, R.; Johnson, T.
2018Ancient fluid flow recorded by remarkably long, buried pockmark trains observed in 3D seismic data, Exmouth Plateau, Northern Carnarvon BasinVelayatham, T.; Holford, S.; Bunch, M.
2016Metamorphism and partial melting of ordinary chondrites: calculated phase equilibriaJohnson, T.; Benedix, G.; Bland, P.
2018Detrital apatite U-Pb and trace element analysis as a provenance tool: insights from the Yenisey Ridge (Siberia)Gillespie, J.; Glorie, S.; Khudoley, A.; Collins, A.
2017bĂ­ogo/hts: high throughput sequence handling for the Go languageKortschak, R.; Pedersen, B.; Adelson, D.
1992An excursion guide to arid zone soils and landscapes north of Port Augusta, South AustraliaWright, M.; Milnes, A.; Raven, M.; Merry, R.; National Soils Conference (19 Apr 1992 - 23 Apr 1992 : Adelaide, South Australia)
2016Enigmatic Mesozoic paleoforms revisited: the Australian experienceTwidale, C.