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2016Contemporary tectonic stress pattern of the Taranaki Basin, New ZealandRajabi, M.; Ziegler, M.; Tingay, M.; Heidbach, O.; Reynolds, S.
2014The effect of Mn on mineral stability in metapelites revisited: new a-x relations for manganese-bearing mineralsWhite, R.; Powell, R.; Johnson, T.
2018Controls on the iron isotopic composition of global arc magmasFoden, J.; Sossi, P.; Nebel, O.
2018Ancient fluid flow recorded by remarkably long, buried pockmark trains observed in 3D seismic data, Exmouth Plateau, Northern Carnarvon BasinVelayatham, T.; Holford, S.; Bunch, M.
2016Metamorphism and partial melting of ordinary chondrites: calculated phase equilibriaJohnson, T.; Benedix, G.; Bland, P.
2018Detrital apatite U-Pb and trace element analysis as a provenance tool: insights from the Yenisey Ridge (Siberia)Gillespie, J.; Glorie, S.; Khudoley, A.; Collins, A.
2016Data-driven modelling approaches for socio-hydrology: opportunities and challenges within the Panta Rhei Science PlanMount, N.; Maier, H.; Toth, E.; Elshorbagy, A.; Solomatine, D.; Chang, F.; Abrahart, R.
2017bíogo/hts: high throughput sequence handling for the Go languageKortschak, R.; Pedersen, B.; Adelson, D.
2017First Holocene cryptotephras in mainland Australia reported from sediments at Lake Keilambete, Victoria, AustraliaSmith, R.; Tyler, J.; Reeves, J.; Blockley, S.; Jacobsen, G.
2018Aquatic ecosystems in a newly formed ecospace: early Pliocene lakes in the Central Andean AltiplanoVélez, M.; Jaramillo, C.; Salazar-Ríos, A.; Benito, X.; Fritz, S.; Tapia, P.; Lubiniecki, D.; Kar, N.; Escobar, J.