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2013Late Quaternary paleoenvironmental changes revealed by multi-proxy records from the Chukchi Abyssal Plain, western Arctic OceanWang, R.; Xiao, W.; Marz, C.; Li, Q.
2000Quaternary bryozoan reef mounds in cool-water, upper slope environments: Great Australian BightJames, N.; Feary, D.; Surlyk, F.; Simo, J.; Betzler, C.; Holbourn, A.; Li, Q.; Matsuda, H.; Machiyama, H.; Brooks, G.; Andres, M.; Hine, A.; Malone, M.
2002Quaternary planktonic foraminiferal biostratigraphy, ODP Leg 182 sitesBrunner, C.; Andres, M.; Holbourn, A.; Siedlecki, S.; Brooks, G.; Garza, R.; Fuller, M.; Ladner, B.; Hine, A.; Li, Q.
1997Miocene climatic oscillations recorded in the Lakes Entrance oil shaft, southeastern Australia: reappraisal of the planktonic forminiferal recordMcGowran, B.; Li, Q.
2000Vegetation, climate, and sea level in the past 55,000 years, Hanjiang Delta, Southeastern ChinaZheng, Z.; Li, Q.
1995Early Paleocene Parvularugoglobigerina and late Eocene Praetenuitella: Evolutionary convergence implies similar habitat?Li, Q.; McGowran, B.
2002Astronomically tuned Plio-Pleistocene benthic δ¹⁸O record from South China Sea and Atlantic-Pacific comparisonTian, J.; Wang, P.; Cheng, X.; Li, Q.
1995Comments on some southern Australian foraminifera and description of new genus ParredictaLi, Q.; McGowran, B.
2000Miocene foraminifera from Lakes Entrance Oil Shaft, Gippsland, southeastern AustraliaLi, Q.; McGowran, B.
2002Sequence biostratigraphy and evolutionary palaeoecology: foraminifera in the Cenozoic EraMcGowran, B.; Li, Q.