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19963-D, 40Ar-39Ar geochronology in the Paranà continental flood basalt provinceStewart, Kathy; Turner, Simon; Kelley, Simon P.; Hawkesworth, Chris; Kirstein, Linda; Mantovani, Marta
1996U-Pb ages and morphologies of zircon in microgranitoid enclaves and peraluminous host granite: evidence for magma minglingElburg, Marlina Augusta
1996Mantle plume and lithosphere contributions to basalts from southern EthiopiaStewart, K.; Rogers, N.
1996Structure of the Fleurieu and Nackara arcs int he Adelaide fold-thrust belt, South Australia: salient and recess development in the Delamerian Orogen.Marshak, S.; Flottmann, Thomas
1996Genetic Significance of Multiple Enclave Types in a Peraluminous Ignimbrite Suite, Lachlan Fold Belt, AustraliaElburg, Marlina Augusta
1996Palaeozoic basins of southern South Australia: New insights to their structural history from regional seismic data.Flottmann, Thomas; Cockshell, C. D.
1996Mantle plumes, flood basalts, and thermal models for melt generation beneath continents: assessment of a conductive heating model and application to the ParanáTurner, S.; Hawkesworth, C.; Gallagher, K.; Stewart, K.; Peate, D.; Mantovani, M.
1996Evidence of isotopic equilibration between microgranitoid enclaves and host granodiorite, Warburton Granodiorite, Lachlan Fold Belt, Australia.Elburg, Marlina Augusta
1996Geochemical characterisation of Triassic petroleum source rock in the Mandawa Basin, Tanzania.Kagya, Meshack L. N.
1996Cool-water carbonates in an Eocene palaeoestuary, Norseman Formation, Western AustraliaClarke, J.; Bone, Y.; James, N.