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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1998Delamerian Orogeny and potential foreland sedimentation: a review of age and stratigraphic constraintsHaines, Peter W.; Flottmann, Thomas
1998Sedimentary thickness variations and deformation intensity during basin inversion in the Flinders Ranges, South AustraliaSandiford, Michael Andrew; Paul, E.; Flottmann, Thomas
1998Re-assessment of the seismic stratigraphy of the Early Palaeozoic Stansbury basin Gulf St. Vincent, South AustraliaFlottmann, Thomas; Haines, Peter W.; Cockshell, C. D.; Preiss, Wolfgang Victor
1998Development of the early Paleozoic Pacific margin of Gondwana from detrital-zircon ages across the Delamerian orogenIreland, T. R.; Flottmann, Thomas; Fanning, C. M.; Gibson, G. M.; Preiss, Wolfgang Victor
1998First occurrence of the Ediacaran fossil Charnia from the southern hemisphereNedin, Christopher; Jenkins, R. J. F.
1998Geological mapping of the Willyama Inliers in the Olary Block, South Australia using high resolution aeromagnetic data to target prospective horizonsHaidarian-Shahri, M.; Boyd, D. M.; Brooker, Peter Ian
19982.5-D modelling of seismic wave propagation: Boundary condition, stability criterion and efficiencyCao, S.; Greenhalgh, Stewart A.
1998Formation and reactivation of the Cambrian Kanmantoo Trough, southeast Australia-implications for Early Palaeozoic tectonics at eastern Gondwana's plate marginFlottmann, Thomas; Haines, Peter W.; Jago, James Bernard; James, P.; Belperio, Antonio P.; Gum, J.
1998Australian Proterozoic high-temperature low-pressure metamorphism in the conductive limitSandiford, M.; Hand, M.
1998Espeleotemas y formas constructivas en granitoidesVidal Romani, J.; Twidale, C.; Bourne, J.; Campbell, E.