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2023Hibbertia fulva (Dilleniaceae), a new species from the Northern Territory in the H. banksii species groupHammer, T.
2023Hibbertia radians (Dilleniaceae), a new combination from South AustraliaHammer, T.
2023Beyond ecology: ecosystem restoration as a process for social-ecological transformationTedesco, A.M.; López-Cubillos, S.; Chazdon, R.; Rhodes, J.R.; Archibald, C.L.; Pérez-Hämmerle, K.V.; Brancalion, P.H.S.; Wilson, K.A.; Oliveira, M.; Correa, D.F.; Ota, L.; Morrison, T.H.; Possingham, H.P.; Mills, M.; Santos, F.C.; Dean, A.J.
2023Reproducibility crisis and gravitation towards a consensus in ocean acidification researchConnell, S.D.; Leung, J.Y.S.
2023Evolutionary transition from surface to subterranean living in Australian water beetles (Coleoptera, Dytiscidae) through adaptive and relaxed selectionZhao, Y.; Guzik, M.; Humphreys, W.; Watts, C.; Cooper, S.; Sherratt, E.
2023Morphological shifts in response to spatial sorting on dispersal behaviour in red flour beetles across multiple generationsArnold, P.A.; Cassey, P.; White, C.R.
2023Improving ecological function of polluted coasts under a tide of plastic wasteMcAfee, D.; Leung, J.Y.S.; Connell, S.D.
2023Two new species of Atopobathynella (Parabathynellidae, Bathynellacea) from the Pilbara region, AustraliaPerina, G.; Camacho, A.I.; Danks, M.; White, N.; Guzik, M.T.
2023Two new Western Australian species related to Hibbertia priceana (Dilleniaceae)Hammer, T.; Thiele, K.
2023Shape and size variation in elapid snake fangs, and the effects of phylogeny and dietPalci, A.; Lee, M.S.Y.; Crowe-Riddell, J.; Sherratt, E.
2023Notes from the taxonomic disaster zone: Evolutionary drivers of intractable species boundaries in an Australian lizard clade (Scincidae: Ctenotus)Prates, I.; Hutchinson, M.N.; Singhal, S.; Moritz, C.; Rabosky, D.L.
2023Hibbertia glaucophylla is the correct name for the Western Australian species currently known as H. rupicola (Dilleniaceae)Thiele, K.R.; Hammer, T.A.
2023Malformed individuals of the trilobite Estaingia bilobata from the Cambrian Emu Bay Shale and their palaeobiological implicationsBicknell, R.D.C.; Holmes, J.D.; Garcia-Bellido, D.C.; Paterson, J.R.
2023A giant armoured skink from Australia expands lizard morphospace and the scope of the Pleistocene extinctionsThorn, K.M.; Fusco, D.A.; Hutchinson, M.N.; Gardner, M.G.; Clayton, J.L.; Prideaux, G.J.; Lee, M.S.Y.
2023The dark web trades wildlife, but mostly for use as drugsStringham, O.C.; Maher, J.; Lassaline, C.R.; Wood, L.; Moncayo, S.; Toomes, A.; Heinrich, S.; Watters, F.; Drake, C.; Chekunov, S.; Hill, K.G.W.; Decary‐Hetu, D.; Mitchell, L.; Ross, J.V.; Cassey, P.
2023Continent-wide declines in shallow reef life over a decade of ocean warming.Edgar, G.J.; Stuart-Smith, R.D.; Heather, F.J.; Barrett, N.S.; Turak, E.; Sweatman, H.; Emslie, M.J.; Brock, D.J.; Hicks, J.; French, B.; Baker, S.C.; Howe, S.A.; Jordan, A.; Knott, N.A.; Mooney, P.; Cooper, A.T.; Oh, E.S.; Soler, G.A.; Mellin, C.; Ling, S.D.; et al.
2023Sedimentation from landscape clearance-induced soil erosion threatens waterhole persistence in a semi-arid river system, southern Queensland, AustraliaTibby, J.; Marshall, J.C.; Lobegeiger, J.S.; Amos, K.J.; Pickering, G.; Myburgh, T.; Unmack, P.
2023Molecular systematic analysis demonstrates that the threatened southern bell frog, Litoria raniformis (Anura: Pelodryadidae) of eastern Australia, comprises two sub-speciesVörös, J.; Wassens, S.; Price, L.; Hunter, D.; Myers, S.; Armstrong, K.; Mahony, M.J.; Donnellan, S.
2023Functional Duplication of the Short-Wavelength-Sensitive Opsin in Sea Snakes: Evidence for Reexpanded Color Sensitivity Following Ancestral RegressionRossetto, I.H.; Sanders, K.L.; Simões, B.F.; Van Cao, N.; Ludington, A.J.; Qian, W.
2023Ecological Considerations When Designing Mitigation Translocations: An Australian Reptile Case StudyBradley, H.S.; Craig, M.D.; Tomlinson, S.; Cross, A.T.; Bamford, M.J.; Bateman, P.W.