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2023Island tiger snakes (Notechis scutatus) gain a ‘head start’ in life: how both adaptation and evolution underlie skull shape differencesAmmresh; Sherratt, E.; Thomson, V.A.; Lee, M.S.Y.; Dunstan, N.; Allen, L.; Abraham, J.; Palci, A.
2023Hibbertia glaucophylla is the correct name for the Western Australian species currently known as H. rupicola (Dilleniaceae)Thiele, K.R.; Hammer, T.A.
2023Malformed individuals of the trilobite Estaingia bilobata from the Cambrian Emu Bay Shale and their palaeobiological implicationsBicknell, R.D.C.; Holmes, J.D.; Garcia-Bellido, D.C.; Paterson, J.R.
2022EchidnaCSI: engaging the public in research and conservation of the short-beaked echidnaPerry, T.; Stenhouse, A.; Wilson, I.; Perfetto, I.; McKelvey, M.W.; Coulson, M.; Ankeny, R.A.; Rismiller, P.D.; Grützner, F.
2022Strengthening protection of endemic wildlife threatened by the international pet trade: the case of the Australian shingleback lizardHeinrich, S.; Toomes, A.; Shepherd, C.R.; Stringham, O.C.; Swan, M.; Cassey, P.
2022Mitigation translocation as a management toolBradley, H.S.; Tomlinson, S.; Craig, M.D.; Cross, A.T.; Bateman, P.W.
2022Environmental associations of abundance-weighted functional traits in Australian plant communitiesGuerin, G.R.; Gallagher, R.V.; Wright, I.J.; Andrew, S.C.; Falster, D.S.; Wenk, E.; Munroe, S.E.M.; Lowe, A.J.; Sparrow, B.
2022Genetic insights into the introduction history of black rats into the eastern Indian OceanThomson, V.A.; Wiewel, A.S.; Palmer, R.; Hamilton, N.; Algar, D.; Pink, C.; Mills, H.; Aplin, K.P.; Clark, G.; Anderson, A.; Herrera, M.B.; Myers, S.; Bertozzi, T.; Piper, P.J.; Suzuki, H.; Donnellan, S.
2022Phylogeny, diversification, and biogeography of a hemiclonal hybrid system of native Australian freshwater fishes (Gobiiformes: Gobioidei: Eleotridae: Hypseleotris)Thacker, C.E.; Shelley, J.J.; McCraney, W.T.; Adams, M.; Hammer, M.P.; Unmack, P.J.
2022Revealing microhabitat requirements of an endangered specialist lizard with LiDARBradley, H.S.; Craig, M.D.; Cross, A.T.; Tomlinson, S.; Bamford, M.J.; Bateman, P.W.
2022Coral-reef fishes can become more risk-averse at their poleward range limitsConi, E.O.C.; Booth, D.J.; Nagelkerken, I.
2022Will the water revolution be centralized? Investigating the "downscale" and "upscale" challenges of urban rainwater harvestingDrew, G.; Thakur, B.; Thakur, R.R.; Chattopadhyay, S.; Abhay, R.K.
2022Drivers of the Australian native pet trade: the role of species traits, socioeconomic attributes and regulatory systemsToomes, A.; García‐Díaz, P.; Stringham, O.C.; Ross, J.V.; Mitchell, L.; Cassey, P.
2022Spatial zoning to conserve fish species with complex life cycles in estuariesDuarte de Paula Costa, M.; Magris, R.A.; Muelbert, J.H.; Vieira, J.P.; Castello, J.P.; Copertino, M.S.; Possingham, H.P.
2022Land surface phenology retrievals for arid and semi-arid ecosystemsXie, Q.; Cleverly, J.; Moore, C.E.; Ding, Y.; Hall, C.C.; Ma, X.; Brown, L.A.; Wang, C.; Beringer, J.; Prober, S.M.; Macfarlane, C.; Meyer, W.S.; Yin, G.; Huete, A.
2022Hibbertia archeri (Dilleniaceae), a new and rare species from Western Australia with transcontinental affinitiesHammer, T.; Thiele, K.
2022COVID restrictions impact wildlife monitoring in AustraliaStenhouse, A.; Perry, T.; Grützner, F.; Rismiller, P.; Koh, L.P.; Lewis, M.
2022Feral cats use fine scale prey cues and microhabitat patches of dense vegetation when hunting prey in arid AustraliaMoseby, K.E.; McGregor, H.M.
2022Assessing soil corrosivity along feral-proof fencing in the Australian Arid Zone and the development of a new soil corrosivity indexStiglingh, A.D.; Mosley, L.M.; Smernik, R.J.; Tuft, K.; Raven, M.D.; Fitzpatrick, R.W.
2022A review of the Spyridium eriocephalum complex (Rhamnaceae: Pomaderreae)Kellermann, J.; Clowes, C.; Bell, S.J.