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2018100 articles every ecologist should readCourchamp, F.; Bradshaw, C.
2022A Case Study for the Recovery of Authentic Microbial Ancient DNA from Soil SamplesPérez, V.; Liu, Y.; Hengst, M.B.; Weyrich, L.S.
2000A common boundary between distinct northern and southern morphotypes in two unrelated Tasmanian rainforest speciesBarnes, R.; Jordan, G.; Hill, R.; McCoull, C.
2020A comparative study of survival, recruitment and population growth in two translocated populations of the threatened greater bilby (Macrotis lagotis)Berris, K.K.; Cooper, S.J.; Breed, W.G.; Berris, J.R.; Carthew, S.M.
2001A comparison of growth responses between two species of Potamogeton with contrasting canopy architectureCenzato, D.; Ganf, G.
2019A comparison of stomatal traits between contemporary and fossil leaves of Melaleuca quinquenervia: Do they reflect climate variation?Hill, K.E.; Barr, C.; Tibby, J.; Hill, R.S.; Watling, J.R.
2002A comparison of the morphology, gas space anatomy and potential for internal aeration in Phragmites australis under variable and static water regimesWhite, S.; Ganf, G.
2020A comprehensive assessment of diversity loss in a well-documented tropical insect fauna: almost half of Singapore’s butterfly species extirpated in 160 yearsTheng, M.; Jusoh, W.F.A.; Jain, A.; Huertas, B.; Tan, D.J.X.; Tan, H.Z.; Kristensen, N.P.; Meier, R.; Chisholm, R.A.
2019A concise guide to developing and using quantitative models in conservation managementGarcía-Díaz, P.; Prowse, T.A.A.; Anderson, D.P.; Lurgi, M.; Binny, R.N.; Cassey, P.
2016A continental and consistent water mapping product from Geoscience Australia: South Australia applications of WOfSRaja Segaran, R.; Turner, D.P.; Hunt, G.; Lewis, M.; Clarke, K.; NRM Science Conference 2016 (13 Apr 2016 - 15 Apr 2016 : Adelaide, South Australia)
2017A Critical Comparison of Conventional, Certified, and Community Management of Tropical Forests for Timber in Terms of Environmental, Economic, and Social VariablesBurivalova, Z.; Hua, F.; Koh, L.; Garcia, C.; Putz, F.
2022A database of the morphology, ecology and literature of the world's limb-reduced skinksCamaiti, M.; Evans, A.R.; Hipsley, C.A.; Hutchinson, M.N.; Meiri, S.; Anderson, R.O.; Slavenko, A.; Chapple, D.G.
2007A description and evaluation of Malundwe Mountain Forest in Mikumi National Park, TanzaniaCollett, L.; Hawkins, D.; Kidung'ho, C.; Marwa, W.; Norton, G.W.; Keyyu, J.D.; Kakengi, V.; Sixth Tanzania Wildlife Research Institute Scientific Conference (TAWIRI) (3 Dec 2007 - 6 Dec 2007 : Arusha, Tanzania)
2015A diverse fern flora including macrofossils with in situ spores from the Late Eocene of southern New ZealandHomes, A.; Cieraad, E.; Lee, D.; Raine, J.; Conran, J.
2021A fresh look at cladarosymblema narrienense, a tetrapodomorph fish (sarcopterygii: Megalichthyidae) from the carboniferous of Australia, illuminated via X-ray tomographyClement, A.M.; Cloutier, R.; Lu, J.; Perilli, E.; Maksimenko, A.; Long, J.
2019A future 1.2 ºC increase in ocean temperature alters the quality of mangrove habitats for marine plants and animalsWalden, G.; Noirot, C.; Nagelkerken, I.
2015A georeferenced implementation of weighted endemismGuerin, G.; Ruokolainen, L.; Lowe, A.; Isaac, N.
2008A giant frog with South American affinities from the Late Cretaceous of MadagascarEvans, S.; Jones, M.; Krause, D.
2015A Global lake ecological observatory network (GLEON) for synthesising high-frequency sensor data for validation of deterministic ecological modelsHamilton, D.; Carey, C.; Arvola, L.; Arzberger, P.; Brewer, C.; Cole, J.; Gaiser, E.; Hanson, P.; Ibelings, B.; Jennings, E.; Kratz, T.; Lin, F.; McBride, C.; Marques, D.; Muraoka, K.; Nishri, A.; Qin, B.; Read, J.; Rose, K.; Ryder, E.; et al.
2022A global reptile assessment highlights shared conservation needs of tetrapodsCox, N.; Young, B.E.; Bowles, P.; Fernandez, M.; Marin, J.; Rapacciuolo, G.; Böhm, M.; Brooks, T.M.; Hedges, S.B.; Hilton-Taylor, C.; Hoffmann, M.; Jenkins, R.K.B.; Tognelli, M.F.; Alexander, G.J.; Allison, A.; Ananjeva, N.B.; Auliya, M.; Avila, L.J.; Chapple, D.G.; Cisneros-Heredia, D.F.; et al.