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2014Leaf fossils of Luzuriaga and a monocot flower with in situ pollen of Liliacidites contortus Mildenh. & bannister sp. nov. (alstroemeriaceae) from the Early MioceneConran, J.G.; Bannister, J.M.; Mildenhall, D.C.; Lee, D.E.; Chacon, J.; Renner, S.S.
2001Leaf recruitment and elongation: an adaptive response to flooding in Villarsia reniformisCooling, M.; Ganf, G.; Walker, K.
2017Leaf trait associations with environmental variation in the wide-ranging shrub Dodonaea viscosa subsp. angustissima (Sapindaceae)Baruch, Z.; Christmas, M.; Breed, M.; Guerin, G.; Caddy-Retalic, S.; McDonald, J.; Jardine, D.; Leitch, E.; Gellie, N.; Hill, K.; McCallum, K.; Lowe, A.
2012Learned recognition of brood parasitic cuckoos in the superb fairy-wren Malurus cyaneusLangmore, N.; Feeney, W.; Crowe-Riddell, J.; Luan, H.; Louwrens, K.; Cockburn, A.
1997Light response characteristics of a morphologically diverse group of southern hemisphere conifers as measured by chlorophyll fluorescenceBrodribb, T.; Hill, R.
2014Limitations and recommendations for successful DNA extraction from forensic soil samples: a reviewYoung, J.; Rawlence, N.; Weyrich, L.; Cooper, A.
2001Limited infaunal response to experimental trawling in previously untrawled areasDrabsch, S.; Tanner, J.; Connell, S.
2016LINEs between species: evolutionary dynamics of LINE-1 retrotransposons across the eukaryotic tree of lifeIvancevic, A.; Kortschak, R.; Bertozzi, T.; Adelson, D.
2015Living on the continental shelf edge: habitat use of juvenile shortfin makos Isurus oxyrinchus in the Great Australian Bight, southern AustraliaRogers, P.; Huveneers, C.; Page, B.; Goldsworthy, S.; Coyne, M.; Lowther, A.; Mitchell, J.; Seuront, L.
2018Living with bushfire: Recognising ecological sophistication to manage risk while retaining biodiversity valuesMoskwa, E.; Bardsley, D.; Weber, D.; Robinson, G.
2016Local maladaptation in a foundation tree species: implications for restorationGellie, N.; Breed, M.; Thurgate, N.; Kennedy, S.; Lowe, A.
2014Lomandra marginata (Asparagaceae), a shy-flowering new species from south-western AustraliaMacfarlane, T.; Conran, J.
2015Long after the event, or four things we (should) know about bird invasionsBlackburn, T.; Dyer, E.; Su, S.; Cassey, P.
2015Long-term patterns in estuarine fish growth across two climatically divergent regionsDoubleday, Z.; Izzo, C.; Haddy, J.; Lyle, J.; Ye, Q.; Gillanders, B.
2014Longitudinal variation and effects of habitat on biodiversity of Australasian temperate reef fishesSmith, H.; Anderson, M.; Gillanders, B.; Connell, S.
2013Looking aheadHumphries, P.; Walker, K.
2016Lost at sea: ocean acidification undermines larval fish orientation via altered hearing and marine soundscape modificationRossi, T.; Nagelkerken, I.; Pistevos, J.; Connell, S.
2001Low seed availability may limit recruitment in grazed Atriplex vesicaria and contribute to its local extinctionHunt, L. P.
2002Low tolerance of embryonic desiccation in the terrestrial nesting frog Bryobatrachus nimbus (Anura : Myobatrachinae)Mitchell, Nicola Jane
2012Lowering environmental costs of oil-palm expansion in ColombiaGarcia-Ulloa, J.; Sloan, S.; Pacheco, P.; Ghazoul, J.; Koh, L.