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2007Measuring the risk of geotechnical site investigationsGoldsworthy, J.; Jaksa, M.; Fenton, G.; Griffiths, D.; Kaggwa, G.; Poulos, H.; Geo-Denver 2007 (2007 : Denver, Colorado)
2019The mechanisms by which oysters facilitate invertebrates vary across environmental gradientsMcAfee, D.; Bishop, M.
2001Mechanisms of micronutrient uptake in plantsReid, R.
2002Melitid amphipods of Barrow Island, Western Australia Part II - recent discoveriesBradbury, John Hugh
2010Metabolic rate, genetic and microclimate variation among springtail populations from sub-Antarctic Marion IslandMcGaughran, A.; Convey, P.; Stevens, M.; Chown, S.
1999Metabolic rates associated with distress and begging calls in birdsJurisevic, M. A.; Sanderson, K. J.; Baudinette, Russell Victor
2015Micrometric detail in palaeoscolecid worms from Late Ordovician sandstones of the Tafilalt Konservat-Lagerstätte, MoroccoGutiérrez-Marco, J.; García-Bellido, D.
2011Microsatellite markers in the Australian desert plant, Solanum centrale (Solanaceae)Waycott, M.; Jones, B.L.; Van Dijk, J.K.; Robson, H.L.; Calladine, A.
2009Microstructure of dental hard tissues and bone in the Tuatara dentary, Sphenodon punctatus (Diapsida: Lepidosauria: Rhynchocephalia)Kieser, J.; Tkatchenko, T.; Dean, M.; Jones, M.; Duncan, W.; Nelson, N.
2011Mineralocorticoid receptors: evolutionary and pathophysiological considerationsKassahn, K.; Ragan, M.; Funder, J.
2014Misconceptions about analyses of Australian seaweed collectionsWernberg, T.; Russell, B.; Bradshaw, C.; Gurgel, C.; Thomsen, M.; Poloczanska, E.; Connell, S.
2002Mitochondrial gene rearrangements as phylogenetic characters in the invertebrates: the examination of genome 'morphology'Dowton, M.; Castro, L.; Austin, A.
2019Mitochondrial genomes from New Zealand's extinct adzebills (Aves: Aptornithidae: Aptornis) support a sister-taxon relationship with the Afro-Madagascan SarothruridaeBoast, A.; Chapman, B.; Herrera, M.; Worthy, T.; Scofield, R.; Tennyson, A.; Houde, P.; Bunce, M.; Cooper, A.; Mitchell, K.
2019Mitogenomes uncover extinct penguin taxa and reveal island formation as a key driver of speciationCole, T.L.; Ksepka, D.T.; Mitchell, K.J.; Tennyson, A.J.; Thomas, D.B.; Pan, H.; Zhang, G.; Rawlence, N.J.; Wood, J.R.; Bover, P.; Bouzat, J.L.; Cooper, A.; Fiddaman, S.; Hart, T.; Miller, G.; Ryan, P.G.; Shepherd, L.D.; Wilmshurst, J.M.; Waters, J.M.
2000Model analogues in the study of cephalic circulationSeymour, R.
2014Model ensemble for the simulation of plankton community dynamics of Lake Kinneret (Israel) induced from in situ predictor variables by evolutionary computationRecknagel, F.; Ostrovsky, I.; Cao, H.
2014Modelling environmental and socio-economic trade-offs associated with land-sparing and land-sharing approaches to oil palm expansionLee, J.; Garcia-Ulloa, J.; Ghazoul, J.; Obidzinski, K.; Koh, L.
2018Modelling of THM formation potential and DOM removal based on drinking water catchment characteristicsAwad, J.; Fisk, C.; Cox, J.; Anderson, S.; van Leeuwen, J.
2012Modelling the impact of pulsing of drip irrigation on the water and salinity dynamics in soil in relation to water uptake by an almond treePhogat, V.; Skewes, M.A.; Cox, J.W.; Mahadevan, M.
2015MODIS EVI and LST temporal response for discrimination of tropical land coversPhompila, C.; Lewis, M.; Ostendorf, B.; Clarke, K.