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2001Photosynthetic response of Amphibolis antarctica and Posidonia australis to temperature and desiccation using chlorophyll fluorescenceSeddon, Stephanie; Cheshire, A. C.
1999The Phylogenetic affinities of Nothofacus (Nothofagaceae) Leaf Fossils based on combined molecular and morphological dataJordan, G.; Hill, R.
1996A phylogenetic analysis of the EucryphiaceaeTaylor, F.; Hill, R.S.
2016Phylogenetic approaches reveal biodiversity threats under climate changeGonzález-Orozco, C.; Pollock, L.; Thornhill, A.; Mishler, B.; Knerr, N.; Laffan, S.; Miller, J.; Rosauer, D.; Faith, D.; Nipperess, D.; Kujala, H.; Linke, S.; Butt, N.; Külheim, C.; Crisp, M.; Gruber, B.
2014Phylogenetic disassembly of species boundaries in a widespread group of Australian skinks (Scincidae: Ctenotus)Rabosky, D.; Hutchinson, M.; Donnellan, S.; Talaba, A.; Lovette, I.
2018Phylogenetic diversity is a better measure of biodiversity than taxon countingMiller, J.; Jolley-Rogers, G.; Mishler, B.; Thornhill, A.
2002Phylogenetic implications of macropodid (Marsupialia: Macropodoidea) postcranial remains from Miocene deposits of Riversleigh northwestern QueenslandKear, Benjamin Philip
2002Phylogenetic relationships among microgastrine braconid wasp genera based on data from the 16S, COI and 28S genes and morphologyWhitfield, J.; Mardulyn, P.; Austin, A.; Dowton, M.
2016Phylogenetic utility of LEAFY gene in Cinnamomum (Lauraceae): gene duplication and PCR-mediated recombinationHuang, J.; Li, L.; Conran, J.; Li, J.
2014Phylogenomic resolution of the class Ophiuroidea unlocks a global microfossil recordO'Hara, T.; Hugall, A.; Thuy, B.; Moussalli, A.
2014Phylogeny and historical biogeography of Isodon (Lamiaceae): rapid radiation in south-west China and Miocene overland dispersal into AfricaYu, X.; Maki, M.; Drew, B.; Paton, A.; Li, H.; Zhao, J.; Conran, J.; Li, J.
2014Phylogeography of the Australian freshwater turtle Chelodina expansa reveals complex relationships among inland and coastal bioregionsHodges, K.; Donnellan, S.; Georges, A.
2011PINA v2.0: mining interactome modulesCowley, M.; Pinese, M.; Kassahn, K.; Waddell, N.; Pearson, J.; Grimmond, S.; Biankin, A.; Hautaniemi, S.; Wu, J.
2002The piosphere revisited: plant species patterns close to waterpoints in small, fenced paddocks in chenopod shrublands of South AustraliaHeshmatti, G.; Facelli, J.; Conran, J.
2011Pitchers of Nepenthes rajah collect faecal droppings from both diurnal and nocturnal small mammals and emit fruity odourWells, K.; Lakim, M.; Schulz, S.; Ayasse, M.
2012Plant invasions research in Latin America: fast track to a more focused agendaGardener, M.R.; Bustamante, R.O.; Herrera, I.; Durigan, G.; Pivello, V.R.; Moro, M.F.; Stoll, A.; Langdon, B.; Baruch, Z.; Rico, A.; Arredondo-Nuñez, A.; Flores, S.
2019Plants, position and pollination: planting arrangement and pollination limitation in a revegetated eucalypt woodlandMcCallum, K.; Breed, M.; Lowe, A.; Paton, D.
2014Pleistocene sea level fluctuations and the phylogeography of the dugong in Australian watersBlair, D.; McMahon, A.; McDonald, B.; Tikel, D.; Waycott, M.; Marsh, H.
2014Population fluctuations affect inference in ecological networks of multi-species interactionsWells, K.; Feldhaar, H.; O'Hara, R.
2015Population structure of the Indonesian giant tiger shrimp Penaeus monodon: a window into evolutionary similarities between paralogous mitochondrial DNA sequences and their genomesAbdul-Aziz, M.A.; Schoefl, G.; Mrotzek, G.; Haryanti, H.; Sugama, K.; Saluz, H.P.