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2013Balancing societies' priorities: a science-based approach to sustainable development in the tropicsKoh, L.
2011Balancing societies' priorities: an ecologist's perspective on sustainable developmentKoh, L.
2015Basin-wide distribution of phytoplankton lipids in the South China Sea during intermonsoon seasons: influence by nutrient and physical dynamicsDong, L.; Li, L.; Li, Q.; Liu, J.; Chen, Y.; He, J.; Wang, H.
2018Bat biology, genomes, and the Bat1K Project: to generate chromosome-level genomes for all living bat speciesTeeling, E.C.; Vernes, S.C.; Dávalos, L.M.; Ray, D.A.; Gilbert, M.T.P.; Myers, E.
2015Behavioral response to habitat loss in juvenile spiny lobstersHeldt, K.; Bridges, W.; Childress, M.
2009Behavioural environments and niche construction: the evolution of dim-light foraging in beesWcislo, W.; Tierney, S.
2009Benthic fluxes of nitrogen and phosphorus at southern bluefin tuna Thunnus maccoyii sea-cagesLauer, P.R.; Fernandes, M.; Fairweather, P.G.; Tanner, J.; Cheshire, A.
2017Best practice provenance for a changing climate: a workshop summaryBickerton, D.; Russell, V.; Breed, M.; Wake, R.; Davis, N.; Hancock, N.; Broadhurst, L.; Lowe, A.; Ellis, M.
2014Beyond long-term averages: making biological sense of a rapidly changing worldHelmuth, B.; Russell, B.; Connell, S.; Dong, Y.; Harley, C.; Lima, F.; Sará, G.; Williams, G.; Mieszkowska, N.
2015Beyond wind: furthering development of clean energy in South AustraliaHeard, B.; Bradshaw, C.; Brook, B.
2002Biodistribution and lymphatic speed of 99mTc-antimony trisulphide colloid in the lizard Pogona vitticeps - 99mTc-radiocolloid distribution in lizardsTsopelas, C.; Munns, S.; Daniels, C.; Lai, C.; Cooter, R.; Chatterton, B.
2000Biodiversity in temporary wetlands of dryland regionsWilliams, William David
2000Biodiversity in wetlands of dry regions (drylands)Brendonck, L.; Williams, William David
2013Biodiversity state and trends in Southeast AsiaKoh, L.; Kettle, C.; Sheil, D.; Lee, T.; Giam, X.; Gibson, L.; Clements, G.
2000Biofilms as food for decapods (Atyidae, Palaemonidae) in the River Murray, South AustraliaBurns, A.; Walker, K.
2014BIOFRAG - a new database for analyzing BIOdiversity responses to forest FRAGmentationPfeifer, M.; Lefebvre, V.; Gardner, T.; Arroyo-Rodriguez, V.; Baeten, L.; Banks-Leite, C.; Barlow, J.; Betts, M.; Brunet, J.; Cerezo, A.; Cisneros, L.; Collard, S.; D'Cruze, N.; da Silva Motta, C.; Duguay, S.; Eggermont, H.; Eigenbrod, F.; Hadley, A.; Hanson, T.; Hawes, J.; et al.
2009Biofuels: social benefitsRist, L.; Lee, J.; Koh, L.
2008Biofuels: waste not want notKoh, L.; Tan, H.; Sodhi, N.
2001Biogeography of Nothofagus supports the sequence of Gondwana break-upSwenson, U.; Hill, R.; McLoughlin, S.
2001Biogeography, evolution and palaeoecology of Nothofagus (Nothofagaceae): the contribution of the fossil recordHill, R.