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2000Dacrycarpus (Podocarpaceae) macrofossils from Miocene sediments at Elands, Eastern AustraliaHill, R.; Whang, S.
2014Dancing on the roof of the world: ecological transformation of the Himalayan landscapePandit, M.; Manish, K.; Koh, L.
2015Danger in the reef: proteome, toxicity, and neutralization of the venom of the olive sea snake, Aipysurus laevisLaustsen, A.; GutiƩrrez, J.; Rasmussen, A.; Engmark, M.; Gravlund, P.; Sanders, K.; Lohse, B.; Lomonte, B.
2012Dawn of drone ecology: low-cost autonomous aerial vehicles for conservationKoh, L.; Wich, S.
2016Deep history of wildfire in AustraliaHill, R.; Jordan, G.
2010Degree of urbanization influences the persistence of Dorytomus weevils (Coleoptera: Curculionoidae) in Beijing, ChinaHuang, D.; Su, Z.; Zhang, R.; Koh, L.
2013Demands on soil classification and soil survey strategies: special-purpose soil classification systems for local practical useFitzpatrick, R.
2014Density of four mid-storey plant species in burnt and unburnt habitat in Bagdad Native Forest Reserve, South AustraliaDigby, R.; Finos, P.; Giacopini, S.; Jusaitis, M.; Gibbs, J.; Petit, S.
1999Depth and the structure of assemblages of demersal fish: experimental trawling along a temperate coastConnell, S.; Lincoln-Smith, M.
2007A description and evaluation of Malundwe Mountain Forest in Mikumi National Park, TanzaniaCollett, L.; Hawkins, D.; Kidung'ho, C.; Marwa, W.; Norton, G.W.; Sixth Tanzania Wildlife Research Institute Scientific Conference (TAWIRI) (03 Dec 2007 - 06 Dec 2007 : Arusha, Tanzania)
2017Description of a new species of seed-gall nematode, Anguina obesa n. sp. (Nematoda: Anguinidae) from northern Iran, and its phylogenetic relations with other species and generaMobasseri, M.; Pedram, M.; Pourjam, E.; Bertozzi, T.
2009Description of the tadpole of Hylarana aurantiaca (Anura:Ranidae) from Sri LankaUkuwela, K.
2016Design and performance evaluation of a mesocosm facility and techniques to simulate ocean acidification and warmingFalkenberg, L.; Russell, B.; Connell, S.
2014Detection and identification of a Gammaherpesvirus in Antechinus spp. in AustraliaAmery-Gale, J.; Vaz, P.; Whiteley, P.; Tatarczuch, L.; Taggart, D.; Charles, J.; Schultz, D.; Ficorilli, N.; Devlin, J.; Wilks, C.
2000Determination of NTA and EDTA and speciation of their metal complexes in aqueous solution by capillary electrophoresisOwens, G.; Ferguson, V.; McLaughlin, M.; Singleton, I.; Reid, R.; Smith, F.
2015Determining the probability of cyanobacterial blooms: the application of Bayesian networks in multiple lake systemsRigosi, A.; Hanson, P.; Hamilton, D.; Hipsey, M.; Rusak, J.; Bois, J.; Sparber, K.; Chorus, I.; Watkinson, A.; Qin, B.; Kim, B.; Brookes, J.
2014Developing age-size relationships for long lived tree speciesBoland, J.; Sinclair, R.
2004Development and validation of a radioimmunoassay for fish insulin-like growth factor I (IGF-I) and the effect of aquaculture related stressors on circulating IGF-I levelsDyer, Anthony R.; Upton, Zee; Stone, David Alan Joseph; Thomas, Philip Mark; Soole, Kathleen Lydia; Higgs, Naomi; Quinn, K. J.; Carragher, John F.
2009Development of a satellite image-based land condition monitoring system for South Australian agricultural regionsClarke, K.; Lewis, M.; South Australian Department of Water, Land and Biodiversity Conservation
2001Development of the pulmonary surfactant system in non-mammalian amniotesJohnston, Sonya D.; Daniels, Christopher Brian