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2019Facets of phylodiversity: evolutionary diversification, divergence and survival as conservation targetsKling, M.; Mishler, B.; Thornhill, A.; Baldwin, B.; Ackerly, D.
1999Falcatifolium (Podocarpaceae) macrofossils from Paleogene sediments in south-eastern Australia: a reassessmentHill, R.S.; Scriven, L.J.
2016Fantastic Plastic Reptile SkullsJones, M.; Chatterji, R.; Nelson, T.; Gray, J.; Palci, A.; Treloar, J.-.B.; Hutchinson, M.
2013Fascinating and forgotten: the conservation status of marine elapid snakesEifes, C.; Livingstone, S.; Lane, A.; Lukosche, V.; Sanders, K.; Courtney, A.; Gatus, J.; Guinea, M.; Lobo, A.; Miiton, D.; Rasmussen, A.; Read, M.; White, M.; Sanciangco, J.; Aicaia, A.; Heatwoie, H.; Karns, D.; Seminoff, J.; Voris, H.; Carpenter, K.; et al.
2017Fast growing oysters show reduced capacity to provide a thermal refuge to intertidal biodiversity at high temperaturesMcAfee, D.; O'Connor, W.; Bishop, M.
2010Feedback control from the jaw joints during biting: an investigation of the reptile Sphenodon using multibody modellingCurtis, N.; Jones, M.; Evans, S.; O'Higgins, P.; Fagan, M.
2019A field and laboratory investigation of kerb side inlet pits using four media typesSapdhare, H.; Myers, B.; Beecham, S.; Brien, C.; Pezzaniti, D.; Johnson, T.
2012Fire regimes in arid hummock grasslands and Acacia shrublandsNano, C.E.M.; Clarke, P.J.; Pavey, C.R.
2013First course at university: assessing the impact of student age, nationality and learning styleBone, E.; Reid, R.
2014First Furongian (late Cambrian) trilobites from the Cantabrian Zone (north-western Spain)Aceñolaza, G.; Albani, R.; Bernárdez, E.; Garcia-Bellido, D.; Gutiérrez-Marco, J.; Rábano, I.; Sá, A.
2015First light for avian embryos: eggshell thickness and pigmentation mediate variation in development and UV exposure in wild bird eggsMaurer, G.; Portugal, S.; Hauber, M.; Mikšík, I.; Russell, D.; Cassey, P.
2017First observations of living sea-ice diatom agglomeration to tintinnid loricae in East AntarcticaArmbrecht, L.H.; Eriksen, R.; Leventer, A.; Armand, L.K.
2010The first pararchaeid spider (Araneae: Pararchaeidae) from New Caledonia, with a discussion on spinneret spigots and egg sac morphology in OzarchaeaRix, M.; Harvey, M.
2001First record of Rattus rattus in BotswanaHelgen, K.
2014First record of the Australian psyllid Blastopsylla occidentalis Taylor (Hemiptera, Psylloidea) from UruguayMartínez, G.; Gómez, D.; Taylor, G.
2012First record of Wayanad shieldtail Melanophidium wynaudense (Beddome, 1863) from the Central Western Ghats, IndiaGanesh, S.R.; Gowri Shankar, R.; Sreekar, R.
2008First soft-bodied fossil from the Ordovician of PeruGarcia-Bellido, D.; Gutierrez-Marco, J.; Chacaltana, C.
2015Fish movement from nursery bays to coral reefs: a matter of size?Huijbers, C.; Nagelkerken, I.; Layman, C.
2000Fitting fertilisation kinetics models for free-spawning marine invertebratesStyan, Craig A.; Butler, Alan J.
2015Flight initiation distance as a behavioral indicator of hunting pressure: a case study of the Sooty-headed Bulbul (Pycnonotus aurigaster) in Xishuangbanna, SW ChinaSreekar, R.; Goodale, E.; Harrison, R.